How to correctly construct an offer for Yandex.Market in the “Велосипеды” category

In order for the system to associate your offer on Yandex.Market with the product profile, the product offer title must specify:

  • manufacturing company (vendor)

  • model or article number (vendor code), preferably as listed on the official site

  • other parameters

  • model year

Please refer to our suggestions about how best to specify these parameters.

The manufacturer (vendor) must not be confused with the product supplier or line name.

The model name must be complete and, as far as possible, match the name on the manufacturer's official site. The name can be replaced by the article number (vendor code) with the complete model name (including the line).

Other parameters must be entered when this information is essential for identifying the model. For example:

  • The model does not have an article number (vendor code). If there is a code, the additional parameters do not have to be specified.

  • The bicycle is a women's version of the model. This should be specified in the model name by adding the parameter “Lady”, “Ladies”, “Girls” and so on. The exception is models that are initially women's models (there are no men's models with this name). In this case, the “Lady” parameter is not necessary.

  • A bicycle comes with different options. You need to specify how this offer differs from the basic model. For example, the standard Stels Navigator has rim brakes. If it has disc brakes in your offer, you should add this to the description: Stels Navigator Disc. If the difference is that it doesn't have a suspension fork, add “Rigid”. Otherwise, specify “Suspension”. Usually all of these nuances are on the official sites.

  • There is a bicycle model with the same name but different wheel size. This is usually a difference between adolescent and child bicycles. You should add the “Wheel Size” parameter.

  • There is a bicycle model with the same name but a different color. You should add the name of the color.

If additional parameters are not specified and there is only one set of options for the bicycle, it is considered as men's (for boys) or women's (for girls) if there is not a similar men's model. The system will assume that the wheel diameter for the model is the typical diameter for this line from this manufacturer.

Year is the year of the model range from this manufacturer. This parameter is important, because the same models can have different characteristics and options in different years. The year should always be specified, except when:

  • The offer specifies the vendor code that has the year embedded in it. Not all manufacturers put this information in the code. But, for example, the Panther company vendor code looks like this: P503. Here P is the manufacturer's label, the first number is the year (5 is 2007), and the numbers “03” are the bicycle's model number. It is not required to specify the year in the model name.

  • The manufacturer doesn't use any codes and all model names are different. For example, the Upload company produces the Smoby and Italtrike child bicycles.

  • The unique article number is specified, which is the model name. For example, models from NovaTrack: NovaTrack Х17983 and NovaTrack Х24623.

Common errors

  1. Model year was omitted.

    Merida Matts TFS 100-D
    Author A 6600

    It is not possible to recognize the product offers Merida Matts TFS 100-D and Author A 6600, because these models were produced not only in 2008, but in previous years as well. The system doesn't have enough data to associate the offer with a product profile.

    Correct offer titles look like this:

    Merida Matts TFS 100-D 2007
    Author A 6600 (2008)
  2. Additional parameters were omitted.

    Atom Matrix (2007)
    Kalkhoff Agattu (2008)

    The system cannot recognize the product offers Atom Matrix (2007) and Kalkhoff Agattu (2008). Different modifications of the Atom Matrix have different wheel diameters (120, 160, and so on). And the Kalkhoff Agattu model was produced in 2008 with 8 speeds and 24 speeds.

    Correct offer titles look like this:

    Atom Matrix 160 (2007)
    Kalkhoff Agattu 8G (2008)