Successful offer classification

Offers in Yandex.Market are put in categories automatically using the trainable Classifier program.

When assigning products to categories, the following store data is taken into account first:

Offer title

The title is the offer's main element. It should contain the product offer title as completely as possible without extra information. The title not only helps the Classifier determine which category to put the offer in, but also helps you attract customers. If the essence of the offered product is reflected clearly enough in the title, the customer doesn't need to study the picture to find out exactly what kind of product it is.

The title must pass the following information:

  • Product type (for example, mobile phone).

  • Manufacturer, if available (for example, Nokia).

  • Product model name, if available (for example, N8).

  • The product line should also be specified, if there is one (for example, PowerShot for Canon cameras).

When indicating the product type, follow the manufacturer's positioning of the product (for example, it's not a good idea to call an iPad a mobile phone).

The title shown on Yandex.Market consists of several elements:

  • In the vendor.model type, the title consists of the elements <typePrefix> (product type), <vendor> (manufacturer), and <model> (product model).

  • In the simplified description, it consists of the <name> element (product type and model name).

  • For books and audiobooks types, it consists of the elements <author> and <name>.

  • For the artist.title type, it consists of the elements <artist> and <title>.

  • In the tours type, it consists of the elements <worldRegion>, <country>, <region>, and <name>.

Example of a correct title:
Конструктор LEGO DUPLO 5506

Common errors

  1. The title is too long and contains unnecessary information.

    Аксессуары для Apple iPad 2 и Apple iPad. Установка програмного обеспечения и медиаконтента на Apple iPad, iPad2 / iPhone 4 (прокачка)
  2. The title is too short.


    Only the product model and manufacturer are listed. If the product type is not specified for an uncommon item, it is almost impossible to determine which category it belongs to during classification.

  3. Product type is invalid.

    Сотовый телефон iPad 2 16Gb Wi-Fi

    The iPad 2 is a tablet, not a mobile phone.

Category of an offer in the store's category hierarchy

Classification is not just based on the final category indicated in the price list for a particular offer, but on the parent categories as well, meaning the store's entire category hierarchy (passed in the price list as nested <category> elements). This means it is important that:

  • the final category that the product is assigned to in the price list is appropriate to it.

    Incorrect: “Авто/Колесные диски” for offers with tires.

  • the list of categories reflects the true names of actual product categories and does not contain “placeholders” that are only understood by the store itself.

    Incorrect: “Online store products/Warehouse_1”.

  • there is a logical path to the final category that the product is assigned to in the price list.

    Incorrect: “Одежда/Женская одежда/Колготки/Платья”.

Examples of correctly set categories:
Товары для детей/Одежда/Детские комбинезоны

Offer description

The description passed in the <description> element is also used for classification. We recommend putting brief information about the product in this part of the product offer. Don't put information about delivery and other service data in this element; the price list has special elements for this purpose.

Example of a good description:
Часы настенные. Плавный ход секундной стрелки. Питание: 1 элемент типа АА. Размер – 35x35x5 см.
Example of a poor description:
Доставка: есть.

Offer type

The offer type fairly strictly defines its category. For example, products described using the artist.title type will be assigned to either the Музыка Видеофильмы category.

If you upload an inappropriate product using any type (for example, mobile phones with the artist.title type), your product will not be put in the correct category.


If the store uploads descriptions that do not correspond to the products or not enough information about a product, causing the store's offers to be poorly classified, the store can be disabled for other quality issues.