Delivery and customer pickup

In order to ensure that Yandex.Market users see detailed delivery and customer pickup conditions for your products, configure the following settings:

  1. Specify your region.

  2. Specify delivery regions.

  3. Configure delivery terms (delivery period, costs, etc.).

  4. Create points of sale and configure customer pickup conditions (delivery period, costs, etc.).

  5. Configure the business hours for your delivery service.

How Yandex.Market calculates and displays delivery terms to users

Yandex.Market displays the delivery period in days. The number of days is determined at the time that the customer views the offer and is dynamically updated based on:

  • the delivery period that you specify in your personal account or in the price list

  • the current time in the user's region and the cut off time by which the user must place an order to receive the promised delivery period (if you have specified this time)

  • the schedule of business hours for the courier or delivery service

If the store offers several delivery methods, then the one with the shortest delivery period is the first one that Yandex.Market will show. Yandex.Market does not show a delivery period for products with the “custom” status.

  • The store has its place of business in Moscow and has specified a delivery period of 1 day for customers in Moscow as well as one of 3 days for customers in Nizhny Novgorod.

  • The order cut off time by which the customer must place an order in order to receive these delivery terms is 6:00 PM.

  • The courier operates from Monday to Friday.

A customer from Moscow will see a delivery period of 2 days if they view the store's offer on a weekday after 6:00 PM, since 1 day delivery only applies if the order is placed before 6:00 PM.

A customer from Nizhny Novgorod will see a delivery period of 3 days if they view the store offer on a weekday. If they view the offer on Friday, they will see a delivery period of 5 days since the store's courier does not work on the weekend and will only dispatch the order to the shipping service on Monday.

Attention. If the store participates in the “Yandex.Market Quick Order” program and accepts orders via the API, the previously configured delivery terms must match the terms reported by the API. If the terms differ, then the display of offers can be stopped or the store's participation in the program restricted.