Configure these settings so that Yandex.Market users see detailed delivery conditions for your products:

  1. Enter your local region.

  2. Enter your delivery regions.

  3. Set up your delivery conditions (periods, cost, etc.):

    • in my region — you can enter data in either the price list or in your profile.

    • in other regions — you can only configure settings in your profile.

  4. Set up your delivery service's work schedule.

Set up delivery in your region: differences between methods


  • Delivery conditions can be set for groups of products, but not for individual products. Groups can be determined by weight, price, or category.

  • You can only enter two delivery types (for example, standard or expedited).

Price list:

  • Delivery conditions are indicated for each separate offer.

  • You can transmit up to five delivery types for each product.

How delivery periods are calculated and displayed to users

Delivery periods are displayed in days on Yandex.Market. The period displayed is calculated immediately when an offer is viewed on Yandex.Market and updated dynamically based on the following factors:

  • The delivery period you entered in your profile or price list.

  • The current time in the user's location and the deadline for ordering for stated delivery conditions to apply (if indicated).

  • The work schedule of the courier or delivery service.

The time period is not displayed if the product has the “custom” status (<offer available="false" ... >).

See example
  • A store based in Moscow entered a delivery period of one day for Moscow and a delivery period of three days for Nizhny Novgorod.

  • Orders have to placed by 18:00 in order for the stated delivery conditions to apply.

  • The courier service works from Monday through Friday.

A customer in Nizhny Novgorod will see the standard delivery period of three days if they view the store's offer during a work day. If they view the offer on a Friday, they will see a delivery period of five days because the store's courier doesn't work on weekends and will only transfer the order to the transport service on Monday.

A customer from Moscow will see a delivery period of two days if they view the store's offer during a work day after 18:00 because the one-day delivery period only applies if orders are placed before 18:00.

Attention. If a store participates in the “Yandex.Market Quick Order” program and accepts orders through the API, then the delivery conditions shown on Market should match those transmitted via the API. If the conditions do not match, then your offers displays may be paused or your store's participation in the program may be restricted.