Delivery area

Yandex.Market publishes the offers of stores that sell and deliver their products in at least one of the following three countries: Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Note. Here and further in this section the names of elements in the Russian-language version of the store account and their exact translations into English are shown. Interface texts are translated automatically when switching to the English version, so they change from time to time and may not match the translated names on this page.

How to indicate delivery regions:

  1. Go to the page Настройки → Доставка и оплата (“Settings → Delivery and payment”).

  2. In the section Курьерская доставка и точки продаж → Регионы доставки (“Courier delivery and points of sale → Delivery regions”), click Добавить (“Add”). The page Региональные настройки (“Regional settings”) will open.

  3. Create regions to which you deliver orders.

    If you want to set up delivery to regions in Russia, Kazakhstan, or Belarus, select the tab Регионы (“Regions”). For delivery beyond the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD), select the tab Доставка за МКАД (“Delivery beyond the Moscow Ring Road”). For more information, see Delivery beyond the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD).

    Include all areas, regions, districts, and municipalities where the same delivery terms apply. To search for an area, click on the relevant country name and enter your query into the search bar.

    Note. By default, each area includes all the localities inside it.
  4. Enter the name of the region, and then click Сохранить (“Save”).

Restriction. You aren't allowed to create more than 20 regions. Each locality (area, region, district, etc.) may only be included in one region.
Next, configure the following: