The sales_notes element can be used to enter the terms of sale for products. Information from sales_notes is displayed in all delivery regions.

Attention. This element is required if you have restrictions on product orders (a minimum order amount, minimum number of products, or required prepayment) and if those restrictions are not specified in your store account.
  1. General requirements
  2. What data to enter and relevant data requirements

General requirements

  • The text may be up to 50 characters in length.
  • You can't enter product specifications or features into the element. In order to do this, use the elements description, param in YML or CSV/Описание (“Description”), Характеристики товара (“Product specifications”) in XLS.

What data to enter and relevant data requirements

The minimum number of items in the order

In all categories except “Автошины (Tires)”, “Грузовые шины (Truck tires)”, “Мотошины (Motorcycle tires)”, and “Диски (Wheel rims)”.


Минимальный заказ — 4 пачки корма.
Attention. In the categories “Автошины (Tires)”, “Грузовые шины (Truck tires)”, “Мотошины (Motorcycles tires)”, and “Диски (Wheel rims)” use the min-quantity element.
Whether a prepayment is required and its amount

If prepayment is required for all products offered by your store (within a particular delivery region or in multiple regions), configure it in your store account.

If prepayment is only required for certain products, indicate it for each product individually using sales_notes.

Specify that prepayment is required, or specify the amount of prepayment required if it is less than 100%. Prepayment information should be clear and unambiguous.


Необходима предоплата.
Необходима предоплата 50%.


Возможна предоплата.
Note. Prepayment information included in sales_notes is displayed in all delivery regions.
Payment methods

Specify payment methods that are valid for all products in your store in your store account. If a payment method is valid only for some of your products, specify the method for each product separately using sales_notes.


Наличные, Visa/Mastercard, б/н расчет, кредит.
Note. Payment methods from sales_notes are displayed in all delivery regions.
Minimum order amount (if not specified in your store account)
  • If your store has a single minimum order amount, specify it in your store account on the page Настройки → Доставка и оплата (“Settings → Delivery and payment”).

    In this case, use the sales_notes element in YML or CSV. Условия продажи (“Terms of sale”) is not necessary in XLS.

  • If the minimum order amount depends on the type or category of the product, specify the amount in the price list for each product separately, using the sales_notes element in YML or CSV and Условия продажи (“Terms of sale”) in XLS.


    Минимальная сумма заказа 1000 рублей.
Additional information about product delivery

Don't contradict the delivery terms that you have set up in your store account or passed in the price list.


Доставка по адресу при заказе от 2000 рублей.
Доставка по всей России бесплатно!
Additional services

Specify whether the service is free of charge or not.

Example of a free service:

Шиномонтаж в подарок!

Example of a paid service:

Установка на месте — 300 руб.
Information about a store

The QA team members may request confirmation of this information.


Официальный дилер
Promotion terms and conditions

Send data about the promotion for a specific product. The text about the promo will appear in your offer section on the product profile or in the Yandex.Market search results.

In this element (as well as on your website), specify:
  • The customer benefit (for example, the exact discount amount or gift description).

  • Conditions under which the customer will benefit (for example, the minimum order amount).

Example of setting a promotion:

При заказе от 2000 рублей - фонарик в подарок!

Examples of incorrectly set promotions:

Подарки при заказе!
Скидки до 60%.
Скидки 3-5%.
Attention. You can also describe some promotions in the promos element (a promo code discount, special price, gift with purchase, or the number of free items). These offers are displayed with the promo or discount icon.