The sales_notes element allows you to send the terms of sale for your products.

Attention. This element is mandatory if you have restrictions on ordering the product (for example, the minimum order amount, minimum product quantity, or mandatory prepayment).
  1. Requirements for element data
  2. What should be passed in the element

Requirements for element data

  • Product sale data must be accurate and up-to-date (for example, specify the exact amount of the discount or prepayment terms and conditions).

  • The text may be up to 50 characters in length.
  • In this element, you cannot specify any characteristics and features of the product (for that use, the description and param elements).

What should be passed in the element

Minimum order amount

For example:

<sales_notes>Минимальная сумма заказа 1000 рублей.</sales_notes>
The minimum number of items in the order

For example:

<sales_notes>Минимальный заказ — 4 пачки корма.</sales_notes>
Whether a prepayment is required and its amount

For example:

<sales_notes>Необходима предоплата 50%.</sales_notes>
Payment option

For example:

<sales_notes>Наличные, Visa/Mastercard, б/н расчет, кредит.</sales_notes>
Promotion terms and conditions

Send data about the promotion for a specific product. The text about the promo will appear in your offer section on the product profile or in the Yandex.Market search results.

In this element (as well as on your website), specify:
  • The customer benefit (for example, the exact discount amount or gift description).

  • Conditions under which the customer will benefit (for example, the minimum order amount).

Attention. You can also:
  • Describe some promotions in the promos element (a promo code discount, special price, gift for a purchase, or the number of free items).

  • Set up automatic display of discounts or specify them manually (if discounts apply without any conditions).

These offers are displayed with the promo or discount icon.

Example of sending a promo in sales_notes:

<sales_notes>При заказе от 2000 рублей - фонарик в подарок!</sales_notes>

Examples of incorrectly sent promotions in sales_notes:

<sales_notes>Подарки при заказе!</sales_notes>
<sales_notes>Скидки до 60%.</sales_notes>
<sales_notes>Скидки 3-5%.</sales_notes>
Additional information about product delivery

Do not contradict the delivery terms that you have set up in your personal account or passed in the price list.


<sales_notes>Доставка по адресу при заказе от 2000 рублей.</sales_notes>
<sales_notes>Доставка по всей России бесплатно!</sales_notes>
Additional services

Specify whether the service is free of charge or not.

Example of a free service:

<sales_notes>Шиномонтаж в подарок!</sales_notes>

Example of a paid service:

<sales_notes>Установка на месте — 300 руб.</sales_notes>
Information about a store

The QA team members may request confirmation of this information.

For example:

<sales_notes>Официальный дилер</sales_notes>