How to construct an offer for the section “Детские товары”

Follow the recommendations below to ensure that your offers are correlated with the correct product profiles.


These recommendations apply to all categories of the Детские товары (Children's products) section, except the following categories:

  • Автокресла (Car seats)

  • Беговелы (Balance bikes)

  • Велокресла (Bicycle seats)

  • Детская одежда и обувь (Children's clothing and shoes)
  • Детские весы (Baby scales)

  • Детские каши (Children's cereals)

  • Детские комоды (Children's dressers)

  • Детские коляски (Strollers/Prams)

  • Детское пюре (Baby puree)

  • Железные дороги (Model train sets)

  • Игровые комплексы и горки (Play structures and slides)

  • Качели и шезлонги для малышей (Swings and lounge chairs for babies)

  • Квадрокоптеры (Quadcopters)

  • Колыбели и люльки для малышей (Cradles and bassinets for babies)

  • Конструкторы (Constructor sets)

  • Кроватки (Children's beds)

  • Манежи для малышей (Children's playpens)

  • Молокоотсосы (Breast pumps)

  • Молочные смеси (Milk formula)

  • Надувные комплексы и батуты (Inflatable play structures and trampolines)

  • Подгузники (Diapers)

  • Подогреватели детских бутылочек (Baby bottle heaters)

  • Радио- и видеоняни (Radio and video baby monitors)

  • Стерилизаторы (Sterilizers)

  • Стульчики для кормления (High chairs)

  • Трехколесные велосипеды (Tricycles)

Tip. To more effectively distribute your orders across product profiles, enter your data in YML format.

How to link an offer to a product profile

In order for the system to correlate your offer with the product profile on Yandex.Market, enter the following data for the offer:

  1. Product-model type.

  2. Manufacturer name.

  3. Product model.

  4. Manufacturer's code, if available.


Если наименованием производителя является достаточно общее и распространенное слово, например, “Малыш”, к наименованию необходимо добавить тип компании (юридического лица), например, ООО “Малыш”.


You want to place an offer with the following data:

  • Product type: rattle.

  • Manufacturer: Chicco.

  • Model: Seal.

The offer title should look like this:

Simplified type
<name>Погремушка Chicco Тюлень</name>
Custom type
Note. Detailed description of offer types: simplified type, custom type.

How to enter product specifications

Enter the product specifications using the param element.

<param name=" " unit=" ">...</param>
  • In the name attribute, specify the parameter name (required).

  • In the unit attribute, set the measurement units (optional for numeric parameters). How to specify complex units of measurement.

  • In the <param>...</param> element, set the parameter value.

  1. Manufacturer's product line
  2. Age
  3. Gender
  4. Material
  5. Color
  6. Licensor, license, and character
  7. Other specifications

Manufacturer's product line

If applicable, specify the product line (series) manufacturer: <param name="Линейка">...</param>.

<param name="Линейка">Duplo</param>.
<param name="Линейка">NERF Элит</param>


Specify the age the product is intended for: <param name="Возраст" unit="...">...</param>.

  • For babies from birth to 2 years old (0–24 months)
    <param name="Возраст от" unit="лет">0</param>
    <param name="Возраст до" unit="лет">2</param>
  • For babies six months and older
    <param name="Возраст от" unit="месяцев">6</param>
  • For toddlers from one and a half to two years old (18–24 months)
    <param name="Возраст от" unit="месяцев">18</param>
    <param name="Возраст до" unit="месяцев">24</param>
  • For children from two to five years old
    <param name="Возраст от" unit="лет">2</param>
    <param name="Возраст до" unit="лет">5</param>
  • For children two years and older
    <param name="Возраст от" unit="лет">2</param>


Specify the gender that the product is intended for: <param name="Пол">...</param>. Possible values of the element are: “Girls” / “Boys”, “Men's” / “Women's”, and “Unisex”.

<param name="Пол">Girls</param>


Specify the material from which the product is made: <param name="Материал">...</param>. If you need to specify multiple materials, enter them in a list separated by commas.

<param name="Материал">текстиль, пластмасса</param>


Enter the color of the product: <param name="Цвет">...</param>.

<param name="Цвет">Красный</param>

For multicolored items, you should enter the predominant color or the value “multicolored”. For products with a pattern, you should specify the predominant color.

If you specify multiple colors for a single product, only the first color will be used for searches and filtering.

Licensor, license, and character

If a product requires a production license, indicate the holder of the license and the name of the license:

  • In the name element for simplified-type offers.

  • In the elements param, for custom type offers.

For custom-type offers, use the “Licensor” parameter to indicate the license holder and the “Subject” parameter to indicate the license name. If you need to specify a character, set it in a separate param element.

Download a list of popular manufacturers and licenses.

Example for simplified-type offers
<name>Hasbro Disney Princess Rapunzel Doll TC4321</name>
Example for custom-type offers:
<param name="Тема">Cars</param>
<param name="Лицензиар">Disney</param>
<param name="Персонаж">Lightning McQueen</param>

Other specifications

  • Dimensions: length, width, height, weight, and so on.

    <param name="Длина" unit="см">16</param>
    <param name="Ширина" unit="см">8</param>
    <param name="Высота" unit="см">12</param>
    <param name="Вес" unit="кг">1,6</param>
  • Toy property: развивающая (developmental), интерактивная (interactive), and so on.

    <param name="Развивающая">да</param>
    <param name="Интерактивная">да</param>

Product images

Enter links to product images using the picture element.

Link requirements
  • Acceptable protocols for image URLs: HTTP and HTTPS.

  • The link to the image should be absolute. Relative links are not permitted.

  • Cyrillic links are permitted.

  • The specified link should lead to a product image that corresponds to the description of the offer. You can't use the image of another product.

  • It's not allowed to use a link to the same image in the descriptions of different products. Exception: variants of a single model that do not differ in appearance. For example, the Apple iPhone 6 Silver 16 GB and Apple iPhone 6 Silver 32 GB.

  • Links to HTML pages that contain images are not permitted.

  • Links to a store logo or “placeholder” (a page with the message “image missing”, etc.) are not permitted.

  • The maximum URL length is 512 characters.

  • The URL address must conform to the RFC 3986 standard.
Image requirements
  • The image should be in JPEG or PNG format. When converting images, we recommend saving them in JPEG format with at least 90% quality.

  • The maximum size is 3,500 pixels on the longest side. We recommend that images be no less than 600 pixels on the shortest side. Images may not be smaller than 300 pixels along any side.

  • It is forbidden to superimpose information about the price of the model or discounts, the brand or store name, the phone number of the store or other distracting text on the image.

  • The color of the product presented on the image should be the same color as specified in the description (for example, it is not permitted to provide an image of a red product when the description states that it is green).

  • You are allowed to submit images on a white or transparent background. (Yandex.Market will convert images with a transparent background to ones with a white background).

  • If there are watermarks in the image, they cannot take up more than 10% of the entire image area.

  • The main (first) image should show the entire product. A photo of a detail on the product is better placed in the extra images.

Requirements for images of dish ware and accessories for alcohol
The following images are permitted:
  • Images of glasses containing liquids, in the case that there is no demonstration of alcohol consumption (a person drinking alcohol from a glass, or open bottles with filled glasses).
  • Images of wine racks and dispensers with alcohol bottles, in the case that logos or brands of alcohol products are not displayed.
The following images are not permitted:
  • Images of glasses displaying logos or brands of alcoholic products.
  • Images of glasses or shot glasses along with bottles and containers that are associated with alcohol.

    Attention. This image is not permitted.
  • Images of glasses and accessories that may be regarded as a demonstration of alcohol consumption (a person drinking alcohol from a glass, or open bottles with filled glasses).
    Attention. This image is not permitted.
    Attention. This image is not permitted.

How to construct offers that are different versions of a single model

If you have several offers that are different versions of a single model (for example, a stuffed toy in several colors), describe each version in a separate <offer> element.

For the system to correlate all these offers to a single product profile, use the group_id attribute in the <offer> element. The attribute value must be an integer with no more than 9 digits. For all offers that need to be correlated with a single model, be sure to specify the same group_id. Note that all offers which are not associated with that model must have a different group_id value.

For example, if a toy is available in three different colors, add three descriptions in the price list (three <offer> elements), all specifying the same group_id.

Note. For each version of the model, enter a separate image.

How to enter links to products that are different versions of a single model

If a single model is available in different sizes or in different colors, enter different links for each variant. Then users who search for the model in a specific color or size will see the offer they are looking for.

We recommend creating links using on the color and size specified in the offer, for example,

Attention. When creating links, adhere to the YML file requirements. Replace the symbol & with the equivalent character code — &.

Examples of offers

Simplified offer type

<offer id="123456" available="true" bid="80" cbid="90">
    <option cost="200" days="1"/>
  <name>Игрушка "Самосвал"</name>
    <p>Самосвал Mercedes-Benz</p>
  <param name="Возраст от" unit="лет">3</param>
  <param name="Возраст до" unit="лет">10</param>
  <param name="Пол">Для мальчика</param>
  <param name="Материал">пластмасса</param>
  <param name="Цвет">желтый</param>
  <sales_notes>Необходима предоплата.</sales_notes>

Custom product type (vendor.model)

<offer id="123457" type="vendor.model" available="true" bid="80" cbid="90" group_id="12345">
    <option cost="200" days="1"/>
  <model>Самосвал Mercedes-Benz</model>
    <p>Копия настоящего самосвала</p>
  <param name="Возраст от" unit="лет">3</param>
  <param name="Возраст до" unit="лет">10</param>
  <param name="Пол">Для мальчика</param>
  <param name="Материал">пластмасса</param>
  <param name="Цвет">красный</param>
  <sales_notes>Необходима предоплата.</sales_notes>