Minimum cost per click

The minimum CPC for an offer depends on business indicators and is calculated and updated daily.

How it is calculated

The minimum CPC bid min is calculated individually for each offer using the formula:

bidmin = ƒ(ДРР, convregion, price)


  • DRR — The share of advertising expenses for attracting orders. The product category is taken into account, which helps prevent overpayment for low-margin products.

  • convregion — The attractiveness of the product to customers in the region where the offer is shown based on Yandex.Market statistical data (i.e., the expected conversion of clicks on Yandex.Market to purchases on the site), which takes many factors into account. If the attractiveness of an offer is low and the likelihood of a purchase is small, the minimum CPC will also be small.

  • Price — The offer price.

Note. The values used in the formula (ДРР, conv) are determined individually for each product and placement location. See the “Principles” section below.

Basic concepts

The minimum CPC is dependent on business indicators and is calculated to be commensurate with cost per order (CPO). The following factors are taken into account: product category, demand and seasonality of sales, product margin, display region, and other factors (more than 20 in total).


Let's consider two products that have the same price (RUB 1350 in the Moscow region), but different conversion: a package of diapers and a flacon of eau de toilette. Due to the difference in conversion, the minimum CPC for the eau de toilette is 2.6 times less than the minimum CPC for the diapers.

Where is it used

Store doesn't use bids

If a store doesn't promote its offers using bids, the minimum CPC is used for all its offers at all placement locations (with default ranking as well as with any sorting method, for example sorting by price).

Store uses bids

The CPC set by the store (its bid) is used in the case of default ranking of offers. If the user is sorting offers (for example, by price), the minimum CPC is charged, not the store's bid.

How to find the minimum CPC

You can find the minimum CPC for an offer on the Bid management page in your store account.

Attention. In your store account, the minimum CPC is indicated only for your store's local region.