Step 1. Registration on Yandex.Market

To register a store, you must have a Yandex account. You can't log in via a social network or an account on a different domain.

  1. Go to and enter your username and password.

  2. You will be taken to the registration page on Yandex.Market. To switch to English, click the English link at the bottom of the page.

    Note. Here and further in this section the names of elements in the Russian-language version of the store account and their exact translations into English are shown. Interface texts are translated automatically when switching to the English version, so they change from time to time and may not match the translated names on this page.
  3. Fill in the section Общая информация (“General information”).

    Страна (“Country”)

    Enter the country where the store is registered.

    Note. The store can be registered in any country (except Ukraine), but only offers that are sold or delivered in at least one of the following three countries are published on Yandex.Market: Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.
    Город (“City”)

    Specify the city where your store operates. For example, the city where the warehouse or headquarters is located. If your location is not in the list, select the closest city.

    Business account

    You can select a business account that is already active, or we will automatically create a new one for you, depending on whether you already have stores registered in Yandex.Market services.

    A business account will be created for you automatically. It will be assigned a name identical to your site's address. After registration, you can change the name of your business account. To do this, go to your business account settings and click .

    Название магазина на Маркете (“Store name on Yandex.Market”)

    Enter the store name that Yandex.Market users will see.

    The name may be up to 50 characters in length. You can use:

    • Latin characters, Cyrillic characters, and numbers.

    • Periods, hyphens, underscores, spaces, and quotation marks.

    Yandex.Market verifies that store names are compliant with the generally accepted rules of business conduct. You may not use slogans, tag lines, or other information that:

    • Are not related to the store name and are not part of the store's brand name or trademark.

    • Contain provocative statements or ambiguous interpretations.

    • May mislead users.

    For example, in the store name, don't enter the words and phrases “official dealer”, “recommended store”, “low price”, “discount”, “sale”, “new item”, “equivalent”, or “free”.

    You may not enter the phone number, email address, or postal address of the store.

    If the name doesn't meet the requirements, Yandex.Market has the right to suspend the placement of the store.

    Сайт магазина (“Store website”)

    Enter the link to the store's website.

    The maximum length is 50 characters. Cyrillic links are permitted.

    The site must meet the requirements.

  4. In the Contact details section, enter the details of the employee to contact regarding placement issues on Yandex.Market.

  5. Click Register at the bottom of the page.