Step 3. Registering on Yandex.Market

Begin registration on Yandex.Market

In order to publish your store and continue to work in your personal Yandex.Market account, you need access to a Yandex personal account. If you already have a Yandex login, you can register a store on it or create a new one and use it to work with Yandex.Market. The owner of the login is the Main Contact for the stores that were created using this login.

Specify the contact details of the person who can be contacted concerning technical publishing issues on Yandex.Market, and provide a summary of your store:

  • Enter the website address for your store. Maximum address length: 50 characters. Cyrillic links are permitted.

  • Select your store type:

    Online store.

    Select “online store” if you sell products through your site and there is a product order form for each product page on your site. The online store status does not exclude having retail stores or pick-up points.

    Retail store

    Select “retail store” if your store only sells products at brick-and-mortar locations and you have a site that only lists information about your product range.

    Attention. Businesses that are not legal residents of Russia can only register online stores on Yandex.Market.

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