Step 2. Register on Yandex.Market

Start the Yandex.Market registration process

To post your store and work with Yandex.Market, you will need to access your personal Yandex account. If you already have a Yandex username, you can register your store using that one, or you can create a new one for working with Yandex.Market. The person who owns the username is the Chief representative of the stores created under that username.

Enter the contact information for the person responsible for answering technical questions about posting on Yandex.Market, and give us some brief information about your store.

Indicate the type of store you have:

Online store

Select “online store” if you sell products through your site and each product page contains an order form. You can still have brick-and-mortar stores or pickup points even if you choose the online store status.

Retail store

Select “retail store” if your company only sells products in brick-and-mortar stores and your website is designed to provide information about your inventory.

Attention. Companies that are not legal entities in Russia can only register as online stores on Yandex.Market.

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