Providing documents for advertising products or services that require certification, declaration, or licensing

I. Certain products and services can only be advertised if there are documents verifying that the product or service complies with legislation. If products or services you are advertising are subject to mandatory certification, registration, and/or licensing, we ask you to provide documents confirming this certification, registration, and/or licensing in order to publish ads.


The products and services below do not represent a complete list. Documents confirming that products or services comply with legislation may be requested in other cases, as well. The information provided here is subject to changes and additions.

Copies of documents should be sent to the Yandex.Market Support service or by fax to +7 (495) 739-23-32 (with the campaign number).

Originals should be sent to: Novinsky bulvar, 8, level 9, room 9.03, Yandex.Market, 121099 Moscow, Russia (Commercial department).



Medicine can be advertised only in the forms and doses that are distributed without a doctor's prescription.

To publish ads for medicine, you must provide copies of:

  • The registration certificate.

  • Declaration of conformity.

  • License for manufacturing of medicines with an appendix stating the manufactured medicinal product.

  • Pharmaceutical license.

You also must provide an original signed letter of guarantee.


To advertise pyrotechnical items in classes IV-V, you must provide copies of:

  • License to manufacture pyrotechnics (including appendices).

  • License to distribute Class IV-V pyrotechnics (including appendices).

  • Certificate or declaration of conformity for the advertised product.

You also must provide an original signed letter of guarantee.

To advertise pyrotechnical items in classes I-III, you must provide a copy of the certificate of conformity for the advertised product and an original signed letter of guarantee:

III. Rules for providing the letter of guarantee:

  • For companies. The letter of guarantee must be composed on company letterhead (if available). In any case, the letter of guarantee must contain the following information: the full name of the organization, business address, OGRN, INN, and contact information. The letter of guarantee must be signed by the company's director or representative (in this case, you must attach a notarized copy of power of attorney stating the right of the specified person to sign applicable documents on behalf of the company) and attested with the company seal.

  • For individual entrepreneurs. The letter of guarantee must contain the OGRNIP, address, your signature, and seal. The letter of guarantee must be accompanied by a copy of your certificate of federal registration as an individual entrepreneuer, attested with the individual entrepreneur's signature and seal.

All pages of the letter of guarantee must be bound together as a single document. The sealing sticker on the bound document must have a signature and seal and indicate the total number of pages. If the letter of guarantee is not bound, the number and the signature of the person who signed the letter of guarantee must be present on every single page.


The letter of guarantee must include all the required information in full.

Standard sample letter of guarantee

If you need a standard sample letter of guarantee, you can download one here. If you are an agent, download the sample for agents.

IV. Rules for defining links:

At the time of publishing product offers, if a link only indirectly leads to the website/domain listed in the product offer and letter of guarantee (it uses redirect), the link specified in the text of the product offer must additionally specify the link to the website/domain that actually opens when following the link from the product offer.