Step 7. Paying for placement

You must first deposit money in your account in order for your store's offers to begin to be published on Yandex.Market.

How payments are made for publishing products on Yandex.Market:

  1. You periodically refill the account with a certain amount of money (for example, once per month).

  2. Every day the system counts the number of clicks for your offers and orders that your store receives from Yandex.Market.

    • For each click you pay a minimal price or the price that you determine yourself.

    • For each order, you pay the combined amount of the commission fees for each product offer in the order.

  3. Once a day, the total fees for clicks and orders that were processed on that day are withdrawn from your account.

All calculations are performed in Yandex units. The price of a unit in Yandex.Market is:

  • For Russia — 30 rubles (including VAT).

  • For foreign partners — 0.41 USD.

How to refill your account

  1. On the Summary page, click the Recharge link. In the window that opens, enter the amount and click the Add to Balance button to be taken to the billing page.

    If you want to pay in cash and this method of payment is available for your store, click the link pay in cash.

  2. On the billing page, check all the data and click the Create a billing invoice button.

    If you would like to select a different payment method or specify a different contract to deposit payment for, click the link change payer or payment method.

    If you are paying in cash, the Cash Payment page will be loaded where you will need to enter your payment code.