Market for partners

Step 1. Authentication

Begin registration on Market

To publish your store and use the Partner interface for Yandex.Market, you need access to the personal part of Yandex. If you already have a login name, you can register your store under this name, or create a new one and use it for accessing Yandex.Market.

Specify contact information for the person to contact for technical issues with publication on Yandex.Market, and brief information about your store.

Specify the type of store:

  • Select интернет-магазин if you sell products through a website and each product has a page with an order form. The online store status does not exclude having retail stores or pick-up points.

  • Select магазин-салон if your store only sells products in retail stores and you have a website with information about your assortment.

To go to the next step in registration, click the Далее button.

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