How to quickly update data using the price list

You can quickly update prices and discounts and also delete offers from Yandex.Market.
Note. The price indicated in the API takes precedence over the price from the price list. It is valid for 30 days, even if you update the price in the price list during that period. The price from the price list will take effect after 30 days, or as soon as you delete all prices indicated in the API.

Update prices and discounts

To update your prices on Yandex.Market within 30–40 minutes:

  • In the price list, update the price and oldprice elements.

  • Make sure that the following data has not changed:

    • The offer ID (the id attribute of the offer element).

    • The link to the offer (url).

    • The link to product profile (picture).

    • The offer title (name).

    • The description (description).

    • The manufacturer or brand (vendor).

    • The specifications (param).

If this data changes, the price and any discounts will be updated only after 4 hours.

Note. Other than the price and discount, you can also change: the availability of delivery (delivery), delivery period and cost (delivery-options), additional information (sales_notes), and bid (bid).