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Yandex.Market — a place where sellers meet buyers. Each month, approximately 14,000,000 people

By Yandex.Metrica data

choose products on Yandex.Market from more than 10,000 stores.

Seller — Yandex.Market participants pay for clicks on their offers (when a click takes a user to the store's website or the contacts page on the Yandex.Market map), pay commission on orders made on Yandex.Market, or pay a certain amount per day. The minimum cost per click is 0.10 Yandex units (0.05 units for books), and the minimum payment is just 10 Yandex units. The cost of publishing on Yandex.Market when paying per day is 0.33 Yandex units per day.

The seller can submit the Cost Per Click in the product offer. This allows sellers to influence the position of their offers in relation to competitive offers and get the best positions.

Buyers can leave open reviews of stores, and sellers can respond to them. Negative feedback helps sellers recognize problems, while positive feedback encourages other users to use this store. Yandex.Market diligently monitors the quality of reviews so that they help the store instead of harming it.

A store can participate in the rating feature, which is formed from user ratings or scores from the quality control team. The better the store's service, the more stars it has in the rating.

Detailed statistics and data from the Yandex.Metrica counter help the seller evaluate how effectively the store is operating. Sellers can always find out which portion of their stores' turnover is from Yandex.Market, the average cost of attracting a single client, and much more.

If a store has a retail chain or pickup points, locations and information are shown on a map of the city. A buyer might be persuaded to choose a store based on a location convenient to home or work.

A seller can choose to show product offers only to users from specific regions, so the seller's budget will not be wasted on clicks from non-targeted users.

The Yandex.Market product assortment is updated automatically. The seller only pays to publish products that are in stock or that can be ordered.

Stores that are published on Market are regularly checked for quality of service, so Yandex.Market has earned the well-deserved trust of its users.

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