Contacts and other information

Depending on the subject matter of a site, additional data may be associated with it, such as an office address or detailed parameters of individual pages.

General information about the organization and its contacts can be displayed in the address snippet. It's generated only for the main page of the site and can contain the address, phone number, metro station, and opening hours.

How do I pass information about addresses and organizations?

There are several ways you can enter information about an organization:
In Yandex Business Directory
  1. Press Add and fill in the fields.

    You can also link an organization that is already listed on Yandex Business Directory to your site. To do this, in the Yandex Business Directory form for editing the organization, enter the address of the site that the information is linked to in the Website field.

Using markup
Information with a particular type of markup can be processed by the Yandex robot and passed to the Yandex Business Directory. If the data conforms to the rules, information can be displayed on Yandex.Maps and in search results.