A favicon is a small image displayed in the snippet in Yandex search results, next to the site address in the browser's address bar, and next to the site name in Favorites or Bookmarks in the web browser.

Example of favicons:

Example of favicons displayed in the search results:

  1. Favicon requirements
  2. How do I edit or delete a favicon?

Favicon requirements

Size: 120 × 120 pixels (recommended), 16 × 16 or 32 × 32.

Format: SVG (recommended), ICO, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and BMP.

Tip. Use 120 × 120 pixels or SVG, so that the site logo looks clearer and more visible in Yandex services.

How do I install a favicon?

How do I edit or delete a favicon?

To change the favicon in the search results, update the favicon on the site. To delete the favicon from the search, delete the file from the site.

Changes will take effect within two weeks after the next robot crawl.

Tell us what your question is about so we can direct you to the right specialist:

If you followed all the guidelines for favicon placement, it should be indexed and appear in search results within about two weeks.

The favicon might disappear from search if it wasn't added to the database during the latest update. This is possible if the favicon, site, or host was unavailable during indexing by the special robot.

Also make sure that the favicon is placed correctly. If it is specified correctly, wait for the next update of the favicon database, which takes about two weeks.

This may happen if:

  • Different site favicons are placed at different URLs. If a site can be accessed at URLs with or without the "www" prefix and over both the HTTPS and HTTP protocols, make sure that the favicon is the same everywhere, or that it is the correct one to index for each of the sites.
  • The site is temporarily unavailable. In this case, the robot might download the hosting favicon from the site's parked page.

If these causes are resolved and you've followed the guidelines for placing the favicon, the changes will appear in search results within two weeks after they are crawled by the robot.