How can I add a site to search?

Site pages appear in search results after the Yandex robots visit the site. For the robots to crawl and load pages:

Step 1. Make site pages visible to the robot
Tip. Maintain the site quality. The more useful pages are found and uploaded to the database by the robot, the more likely they will be displayed in the search results. For more information, see the Signs of a low-quality site section.
Step 2. Hide non-public content
Page type What should I do?
Action pages. For example, adding an item to the basket or comparing items. Prohibit page indexing
Shopping cart with a product.
Personal information. For example, the customer's delivery address and phone number. Restrict access to data by authenticating users on the site
Duplicate page. For example, a URL with additional parameters ( Specify which page is preferred for including in search results

After the robot crawls the site, the pages can appear in the search within two weeks.

In addition, robots can learn about the site by opening links from other resources. This may take time and doesn't guarantee that the robot crawls all pages you would like to show in the search results.

Learn more about how Yandex search works

To track the site indexing and ranking in the search results, add the site to Yandex.Webmaster. In Yandex.Webmaster, you can also view how the site is displayed in search results and what improvements you can make — open the View in search results page.

If pages are accessible to the robot and sent for reindexing, but do not appear in the search for more than two weeks, fill out the form below: