What questions does your site answer?

The main task of search is to answer users' questions. The position in search results depends on how much the website content matches the wording of queries. That's why when you create a site, it's important to understand how people formulate their needs in the search queries. For example, if a search query contains a term, but it's not mentioned on the pages of your website, it's unlikely that the search engine will consider your website to contain a good answer to the query. In this case, such a page can be excluded from the search with the low-value or low-demand status.

Try to put yourself in your potential site visitors' shoes. How would you try to find information on the given topic? What search query could you use? To find relevant topics, use the Keyword statistics service.

How to use the Keyword statistics service

To find suitable keywords, open Keyword statistics, type a word or a phrase that describes your product or service, and click Submit. On the left, you'll see user queries that include the word or phrase you specified. On the right, you'll see related queries. They help you find less obvious queries that are related to your service. For example, the users might enter synonyms or other words to widen or narrow the initial search. The numbers next to each request show the number of requests per month. You can also see the popularity of a search query in your city or region. For the most accurate search query matching, select a few suitable keywords.

Query popularity depends on many factors and can vary quite a lot. For example, due to seasonality or events occurring in the world.

You can also use Recommended search queries. Yandex.Webmaster can select search queries that match the content of your website to attract additional traffic.

To track search query statistics, use these tools in Yandex.Webmaster:

  • Search query statistics: Contains statistics on search queries on the website.
  • Managing groups of queries: Shows the search queries that the website is in the first 50 positions of Yandex search results for. The indicators are averaged over the past 7 days.

Also use reports in Yandex.Metrica:

  • The Search queries report shows a list of search phrases that visitors found a link to the website in search results for.
  • The Search engines report contains information about the search engines that brought visitors to your website.

To learn more about other tools for solving different business tasks, see How Yandex.Metrica can help.