Extended site statistics

Yandex.Webmaster provides information about changes in the site status in search:
  • About pages in search on the Indexing page. Displays up to 50,000 page changes in the search.
  • About pages and search queries on the Search queries page. Data is displayed for the first 3000 queries for which the site was displayed in the search for three months.

To get the statistics without any restrictions, use the Sitemap file or the Turbo pages technology. Statistics on pages from these sources can be downloaded as an archive.

Note. To create an archive:
The archive contains data:
  • About the pages added in Sitemap.
  • About pages for which Turbo pages are generated.
  • About pages that have the rel="canonical" attribute in their source code with a link to the page specified in Sitemap or used for Turbo pages.

Use the archive to get the following information:

The file contains data about the current status of pages in search results:
  • url — The page URL.
  • httpCode — The HTTP code received by the robot during the recent crawl.
  • lastAccess — The date when the page was last crawled by the robot.
  • turboPageExist — Availability of Turbo pages for the URL.
  • fromSitemap — Indicates if the URL is found in the Sitemap.
  • redirTarget — The page URL for redirection.
  • relCanonical — The main page URL (the rel= "canonical" attribute value).
  • title — Page title (the content of the title HTML element).
  • metaDescription — The Description meta tag content.

To download the archive, go to the All pages page.