About the Yandex.Webmaster service

Yandex.Webmaster helps you understand if your site is easy to find by users. The service offers tools for tracking and analyzing site page indexing, search ranking, and technical condition.

If your site is new and not yet present in Yandex search, report it using Yandex.Webmaster.

How can I add a site to search?

How does Yandex search work?

Search queries

See the search query statistics: positions, impressions, clicks, CTR.

Use recommended queries that can generate traffic.

Site diagnostics

Check out errors that interfere with indexing.

Check if the site is safe for visitors.

Subscribe to notifications about check results.

Site indexing

Check how often the Yandex robot visits your site, and send the updated pages for reindexing.

Speed up the site crawling by notifying Yandex about the Sitemap file updates.


Monitor internal links on the site, as well as links to the site from other resources.

Display in the search

Manage site links.

Set the region.


Set up alerts and notifications about the site status and the errors.


Learn how well your site is adapted to mobile devices.

Check the robots.txt and Sitemap files, HTTP status of site pages, XML and micro-markup.

Yandex.Webmaster API

Use the service features without the web interface.