Recommended queries

Attention. This section is in beta mode and might be unaccessible for some of Yandex.Webmaster users.

This section contains search queries relevant to your site's topic. These queries can attract additional traffic to your site.

As a rule, search queries differ depending on the search region. By default, the section shows data for all regions. To specify the region, use the filter (the icon). The filter features regions with the largest number of queries per month.

You can use the suggested queries for targeting ads. To estimate the effectiveness of these queries, you can use the forecasts based on Yandex.Direct data. The forecasts are based on ads in guaranteed placement:

  • The number of impressions.
  • The number of clicks.
  • Cost per click.

The forecast is based on statistics for impressions and clicks over the last 28 days. The calculation takes into account:

  • Positions, days, times and regions of the ad impressions.

  • Whether these impressions led to clicks.

  • Bids and the actual cost per click.

Note. The forecasts in Yandex.Webmaster may differ from the ones in Yandex.Direct due to different times of data retrieval.
In addition to the search queries, the service displays the page URL that is shown for a certain search query. You can use this page as a landing page for ad clicks.

You can download the displayed data in CSV or XLS format.