When you add a site in Yandex.Webmaster or get the site management rights in the service, will receive access to the information about the changes in the search. For example, you will learn which pages appeared in the search or disappeared from the search results, which pages were chosen by the robot to generate sitelinks.

Webmaster will notify you on how the site appears in search. The notifications can be:

Global messages and services' news for webmastersNotifications about important changes in the service and invitations to webinars sent to all users.
Personal messages from support serviceAlerts meant for the owners of certain sites.
About sites
Weekly site summary

Summary of site changes:

  • Critical and fatal issues.
  • Solved issues.
  • Site information changes (assigning the region, case changing).
  • Pages in the search changes.
  • Changes of the pages added in the list of important pages. If there are none, we suggest a list of recommended pages to track.
  • Search query indicators dynamics.

The summary is generated for the period from Monday to Sunday.

The search database update

Information about the site status in the search and the indexing progress, for example:

  • The date of the last search database update and the changes that happened to the site.
  • Robot crawling the site.
Sitelinks updateMessages about sitelinks generated or updated by the robot.
The main mirror updateNotifications that the robot chose a different URL as the main site mirror.
Problems and recommendationsInformation about problems revealed during the last site check and recommendations are available in the Site diagnostics section.
  1. Viewing notifications
  2. Configuring notifications

Viewing notifications

You can view the notifications in Yandex.Webmaster and in your email. By default all notifications are displayed in Yandex.Webmaster.

Viewing notifications in Yandex.Webmaster

The messages are available in the Notifications section (in the upper right corner of the page).

By default, the list shows all messages. You can customize the list to show only the messages about critical and fatal errors found during the site check. To do this, set the Only critical radio button to On.

You can manage notifications you choose from the list:

Email preview

To receive notification by e-mail:

  1. Go to the Configure section of Yandex.Webmaster.
  2. In the block Address for email notifications block, select the mail for receiving notifications from Yandex.Webmaster. Available addresses correspond to the addresses from Yandex. Passport. To change the address, choose the needed address from the list and click the Change address button.

    How to specify an address that is not in the list
    Choose Other address from the list. The Yandex.Passport page opens. Enter your email in the Add a backup address for restoring access and click Add address. Then confirm your access to it. After confirming refresh the settings in Yandex.Webmaster. The added email address appears in the list.
Note. To receive notifications only in Yandex.Webmaster, choose No email notifications from the list.

Configuring notifications

You can configure notifications for all sites you have access to, as well as for each site separately.

There are several notification statuses:

Receive notification (active status)Don't receive notifications (inactive status)
— On the site. — On the site.
— By email. — By email.
— The status in the Default settings line. — The status in the Default settings line.

To switch between active, inactive and default statuses of notifications, click the status icon.

Note. If you chose No email notifications in the Address for email notifications block, you won't receive notifications, even if the message status is active.

Examples of settings:

Enable or disable notifications about all sites

In the Default settings string, chooser the statuses for each message topic.

Enable notifications on one topic for a certain site
  1. In the Default settings turn on inactive status for the chosen topic. For example,  → .
  2. For the same topic, turn on active status in the site row. For example,  → .

Thus, notification on the chosen topic will be disabled for all sites, but are active for one or more sites.

Disable notifications for some sites
  1. In the Default setting row, switch the status to active. For example,  → .
  2. For the same topic, turn on the active status in the site row. For example,  → .

So, you will receive notifications on the chosen topic for all sites, except for those the inactive notification status.

If you have many sites added in Yandex.Webmaster, you can use the search field. To find a site, start typing in its domain name.