Excluded pages

Which pages are excluded by the robot?

The Yandex robot might exclude pages from the index for the following reasons:

  • An error when loading or processing the page.
  • Page indexing is prohibited in the robots.txt file or using a "noindex" meta tag.
  • The page is not canonical.
  • The page redirects the user to other pages.

The “Excluded pages” list shows pages that aren't on the site anymore. How do I remove them?

The Excluded pages section displays pages that the robot accessed but didn't index (these may include non-existing pages, if they were previously accessed by the robot.)

A page is removed from the excluded list if

  • It is not accessible to the robot for a certain period of time.
  • It is not linked to from other pages on the site and external sources.

The existence or number of excluded pages in the service does not affect the site's ranking in Yandex Search.

Pages that are marked as excluded open normally in the browser. What does this mean?

Information about the reason for excluding a page from the index corresponds to the time when the page was last indexed by the robot. Wait for the robot to re-index the excluded page.

Headers that the robot requests from the server differ from the headers that the browser requests. So excluded pages might open correctly in the browser.