Subdomain indexing

Subdomains can be useful if your site has multiple versions:
  • Regional subdomains — if your company has physical offices in different areas of the country.

    In this case, you need to specify the region name in the subdomain URL (for example, and assign the region (Saint Petersburg). Moderators verify if the region corresponds to the site. Contact information is one of the verification criteria. Therefore, we don't recommend using subdomains if your company has no physical office in the region.

  • Language — if the site should be available in different countries in different languages. In this case, you can specify the language code for the subdomain URL according to the standard (for example, Use alternative links on the site and assign a region (for example, the United States).

How to add a subdomain to Yandex search

  1. Yandex considers a subdomain a separate site, so follow general recommendations and add a subdomain to Yandex.Webmaster to track its indexing.
  2. Verify your rights to manage the site. If you already added the main site to Yandex.Webmaster, use simplified verification of rights.
  3. Set the region for the subdomain so that its pages participate in the search by location-dependent queries. To ensure that Yandex assigns a region correctly, follow the recommendations:

How do I prohibit the subdomain from indexing?

You can prohibit subdomain indexing the same way as it is done with regular site. For more information, see the How do I prohibit the site or pages from indexing?.

How do exclude a subdomain from the search?

You can remove subdomain pages from search results the same way as pages on a regular site. For more information, see the Deleting a site.

If the pages don't appear in search results for a long time or were excluded, or if you have other questions about indexing of subdomains of the site, fill out the form below: