Getting started

Step 1. Log in

You need a Yandex account to work with Yandex.Webmaster. If you don't have one, register.

Step 2. Add a site to Yandex.Webmaster

In Yandex.Webmaster:
  1. Click the Add site button.
  2. Specify the site URL that will be shown in the search:
    • Over the HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
    • With or without the www prefix.

    For example,

  3. Click the Add site button. The site will be shown in the My sites section.

Step 3. Verify your site management rights

In the Access rights section, choose a verification method. To verify your rights, make changes to the site.

If you added a site with subdomains to Yandex.Webmaster, use simplified verification of rights.

After you verify your site management rights, you can transfer your rights to other users of Yandex.Webmaster. The user to whom you delegate your rights can use all service features with no restrictions. Learn more in the Delegating rights section.