Placement requirements

The requirements on this page apply to all listings in Yandex Business.

The information in new applications and company profiles is regularly checked by moderators.

  1. Rules for filling in the fields
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Websites and social media
    4. Business category
  2. Data verification
    1. By phone
    2. Materials to confirm the address
  3. Yandex reserves the right to:

Rules for filling in the fields


  1. The first word, proper names, and brand names are capitalized in the name. You're not allowed to write names in all capital letters (Caps Lock) except for abbreviations (MoMA, LSE) and decorative capital letters that are not abbreviations (AAA-Motors).

    All words are capitalized in names partially or completely written in Latin or transliterated from Latin (Alice Carroll, Mad Hatter, Central Mall), except when the brand uses lowercase spelling (acme, aLice).

    Capital letters are allowed in the middle of the name if the company uses a complex abbreviation (AliceElectroService, Horns&Hooves), except in cases where there are two or more uppercase letters in a row (HornsNHooves).

  2. Names are written without quotation marks. Specifics of individual languages can be taken into account.

    The short name should contain up to 55 characters, except for specially agreed cases when up to 75 characters is allowed.

    We recommend that the main name contains up to 100 characters for easier viewing on Yandex Maps (in specially agreed cases, the name can be longer).

  3. The name should not include the type of legal entity (LLC and so on). For example, Alice Carroll, LLC, is shown as just Alice Carroll in Yandex Business.

  4. The name should not include the business category. For example, the name Alice Restaurant should be published as Alice. Words and expressions like “dealer”, “official dealer”, “authorized service center”, “partner”, “official representative”, “authorized reseller”, and “official center” are also not allowed in the name.

    Exceptions to this rule:

    • The type of business is logically inseparable from its name (Anytown Medical Center).
    • The proper name is a toponym (Anytown Driving School) or an adjective formed from a toponym (Anytown Meat Processing Plant).
    • The company is part of a business unit comprising multiple companies with the same name located in the same building or on the same property (Alice Hypermarket, Alice Restaurant).
    • There's no suitable category in the list of suggested categories. In this case, the business category in the name serves to clarify the company's specialization and is entered after the proper name without abbreviations (Alice Capsule Hotel).

      In the short name, the type of business is always omitted (Alice).

  5. In general, the name provided by the owner or used on the sign is listed as the main name. The short name can be either an abbreviated version of the main name (Alice Waldorf KindergartenAlice) or its duplicate (Dr. SmithDr. Smith).

  6. The official legal name of the company is entered on the Details: Legal name of business tab for legal entities and on the Full name tab for individual entrepreneurs.
  7. The company decides independently what to list as its name, whether it's the type of business or the proper name.

    If the company only has a legal name containing the name of the owner or employee without a proper name, list the type of business as the main name and enter the official name in that field. Don't enter the name of the owner in the main name field except in cases when the owner's first or last name is part of the proper name (for example, the main name is Alice Carroll's Nail Studio, the short name is Alice Carroll's Nail Studio and the legal name is Individual Entrepreneur Smith A.).

  8. If the company doesn't have a proper name but has a number or letter as an identifier, enter both the type of business and the number/letter in the Name field (Driving school No. 2).
  9. Don't include business hours or the company's status in the name (“just opened”, “former”, “temporarily closed”, “closed”, “abandoned”, and so on).

    The exception is the “under construction” status, which, with additional approval, can be added to the names of large business and shopping centers, residential complexes, and stadiums. Enter it after the proper name in parentheses like this: Alice Business Center (under construction).

  10. Names can't include advertisements. That includes the following additions to the main name:

    • Product name and country of origin (Alice, children's books by British writers).
    • Advertising slogans (Alice: Property of natural cosmetics).
    • List of goods or services (Real estate agency, appraisal, sales, rental).
    • Additional clarifications (Alice, aquarium and terrarium store).
    • Any action related to the business if expressed by a verb or a gerund (not allowed: Flooring installation, Buying scrap metal, Mounting suspended ceilings; allowed: Construction and finishing works, Scrap metal yard, Hanging and suspended ceilings).
    • Names of popular brands unless the company is an office or franchise for them (Acme internet services, aLice repair, Cheshire Cat delivery).

    • Words like “sale”, “discounts”, “low prices”, and “wholesale and retail”.

    At the same time, names that mention one type of product are allowed (Fashionable Windows, Anytown Cosmetics).

  11. The name should not contain emojis (ideograms).

  12. Use of obscene words is not allowed. This includes:

    • Obscene or vulgar words and expressions (obscene expressions with letters partially or completely replaced with asterisks or other symbols are considered obscene if they can be read and understood by native speakers).
    • Statements aimed at inciting hatred or humiliating the dignity of a person or a group of people on the grounds of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, attitude toward religion, or belonging to any social group.
    • Partial or full mentions of companies prohibited by the legislation of the country of placement.
    • Ambiguous words and abbreviations if they fully or partially copy the names of banned companies or obscene words.
  13. For private specialists, the main and short name should include their profession, last name, and first initial. Examples:

    • Notary I. Smith
    • Insurance agent I. Smith (names of insurance companies can't be used in private insurance agents' names as in AliceCarroll insurance agent Smith).
    • Acme representative A. Smith.
  14. The use of the words “chain”, “company”, “firm”, and “company” are not allowed except when they are part of the business name. The words “group of companies” and “holding” can be used if legal entities are linked by economic subordination.

  15. Rules for names that include the business category:

    • If the company doesn't have a proper name and is only identified by the business category, has a narrow specialization, or doesn't belong to any particular category, its specialization or the main business category is specified as the main name (Shoe repair, Key copy, Lightning repair, Excess baggage payment counter). We recommend using specialization rather than the main business category (Key making rather than Metal repair).
    • If the name includes a list of services, use either a generic name (Repair shop instead of Refrigerator, TV, washing machine, household appliance repair) or the first service mentioned in the list (Chandeliers instead of Chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, lamps). If one of the services is highlighted on the sign, use it as the main name.
  16. Toponyms in names deserve special attention:

    • You can use a toponym in the main name if it is an integral part of the company's proper name (Anytown Driving School, Anytown Ice Palace) or an adjective formed from a toponym (Anytown Meat Processing Plant, Anytown Dairy Plant, Anytown Sausages).
    • Don't include toponyms and their derivatives in names unless they are part of the full name of the legal entity (Anytown Meat Processing Plant is allowed if it is the full official name of the legal entity but is unacceptable if the company is located in Anytown but has a different official name).

      Don't use toponyms that are an addition to the company's proper name or clarify the company's location (Alice Service is allowed, while Alice Service Anytown Highway is not).

    • The name should not include information about the company's address or the closest metro station.
  17. Names of state-owned entities:

    • If the company has a number (Kindergarten No. 967) and a proper name (Alice), enter its proper name as the main name (Alice).
    • There are special rules for naming companies located on large territories and composed of multiple units (hospitals, universities, health resorts, and sports and commercial companies with well-known names):

      • If buildings of different categories are located on the same territory (a campus, hospital campus, health resort, or recreation center), the names of buildings, faculties, and departments are indicated in the main name after the abbreviated or short name of the “parent company”, and the short name only includes the capitalized name of the faculty or department. The names of buildings in the short name are also capitalized.
      • If buildings are located in different parts of the city, their names should include the name of the main company (university, hospital, health resort) and the name of the building (faculty, department).
    • In the main name, all titles and professions of prominent people are written in lowercase. In the short name, the person's first name, profession, and title must be omitted, the word “name” can be shortened to “n.”, and no space is required between the initials.

      Initials should be left as is.

Features of some business categories:


Housing estate sale offices are named as follows: [Name of the residential complex, sales office] or [Name of the developer, sales office]. Businesses in the Housing complex category are only published via the Yandex Realty service. For more information, see Yandex Realty Help.

  1. Only one car brand can be used in the names of car dealerships.

    Name format: [Dealer name] [Car brand]. For example: Chariot Acme.

  2. Full names of car dealerships may contain generalized (North, South) or informal (Varshavka, Yakimanka) place names. In short names, place names are omitted.

    Full name: [Dealer name] [Car brand] [Place name]. For example: Chariot Acme Yakimanka.

    Short name: [Dealer name] [Car brand]. For example: Chariot Acme.

  3. Full names can contain the word “Center” (capitalized) if there are documents confirming that the registered name includes it. The word “Center” cannot be used in short names.

    For example, the full name is Chariot Center Acme, while the short name is Chariot Acme.

  4. Word order in names:

    • Variations are allowed in full names: [Dealer name] [Car brand] or [Car brand] [Dealer name].
    • For short names, the required order is [Dealer name] [Car brand].
  5. Uppercase and lowercase letters used in corporate brand names should correspond to their spelling on

  6. You can use ALL CAPS in company names if you provide explicit documentation for it. Names written in ALL CAPS can be added to the field with the full (main) name. Short names (used for map labels) can only have the first letter capitalized.

    For example, the full name is CHARIOT Center Acme Yakimanka, while the short name is Chariot Acme.

  7. You can add the “used cars” category to the full name instead of or along with the brand name if there are multiple companies with similar names nearby.

    For example: Chariot used cars.

  8. You can add the “service center” category to the full name if the center only serves a specific brand and there are other companies with the same name nearby.

    For example, the full name is Chariot service center Acme, while the short name is Chariot service center.

    You can add “multiservice center” to the category name. With that said, you can't add a brand name if you do.

  9. Words and expressions like “dealer”, “official dealer”, “authorized service center”, “partner”, “official representative”, “authorized reseller”, or “official center” are also not allowed in names. Authorized dealers are marked accordingly.


If the company has an actual address, its profile will be published on Yandex Maps.

  1. The company profile can only include one address.
  2. Businesses located at a coworking address can only be published on Yandex Maps if there is a long-term lease with the coworking company.
  3. Not allowed:

    • Legal and mailing addresses if they don't match the actual location of the company.
    • Addresses of residential premises (not removed from the housing stock).
    • Addresses of taxi stands, towing impounds, and so on.
    • Addresses of real estate for sale or for rent (apartments, offices, private houses).

    Exception: addresses of apartments for daily rent. Businesses in the Daily housing category are added via the Yandex Business partner service.

Websites and social media

  1. The company profile should only contain one link to the main page of the company's official website. Publishing links to internal site pages is not allowed.

    The exception is links to the branches of a chain if:

    • It is difficult to navigate to them from the main page.
    • The moderator believes the content at the internal links is helpful for users.

    The address and contact information in the company profile must match what's on the website.

  2. Sites made with website builders can be used.
  3. Links to the company's public social media pages can be listed.
  4. Not allowed:

    • Personal websites belonging to specialists who work for businesses listed in Yandex Business.
    • Addresses of aggregator websites.

      Exception: offline companies that own an aggregator website can list it as their official website.

    • Private and topic-based communities or groups on social media and blogs that don't contain information about the business.

    • Gaming portals.

    • Gambling portals.

    • Forums and chats.

    • Sites with erotic and pornographic content.

    • Sites containing obscenities.

    • Sites that promote the use of alcohol, tobacco or nicotine-containing products.

Business category

  1. You can enter up to three business categories in the company profile. Secondary services provided by a business should not be chosen as its business category.

    • If a hotel has a swimming pool, you shouldn't choose Swimming pool as a business category. The pool should be mentioned on the Services tab, with Hotel selected as the category. For more information, see Hotels and other accommodation.
    • If a cafe or restaurant also delivers food, Food delivery should not be an independent business category. It should be selected as an option on the Services tab.
    • If a company provides a full range of beauty services, choose Beauty salon as the business category. Don't specify Brow and lash salon, Nail studio, and Hairdresser as additional business categories. They should be listed on the Services tab.

      If the company specializes in specific services, choose a more specific business category like Sugaring, Cosmetology, or Massage salon.

  2. Personal profiles of specialists who work for businesses listed in Yandex Business cannot be published.
  3. Companies engaged in illegal activities cannot be published.

  4. Events with fixed dates are banned from publishing.

Features of some business categories:

Pickup point

Businesses in the Pickup point category can't have additional business categories.

List the addresses of the online store's own and partner pickup points in the profile.

Partner pickup points are published in separate profiles under their own names if they are indicated on the websites of the corresponding online stores and marketplaces.

Requirements for businesses:

  • The pickup point can't be located at the address of a branded transport company pickup point.
  • There should be a sign or sticker of the corresponding online store or marketplace at the pickup point.
Business center

Profiles of companies in the Business center category don't show phone numbers, websites, or opening hours.

Yandex Realty

Information about housing complexes (name, address, website, and so on) is uploaded to Yandex Business from Yandex Realty. To change information in Yandex Business, edit the data in Yandex Realty.

  • Links to social networks are only published in the profiles of housing estate sale offices. Don't add them to the profiles of housing complexes.

Hotels and other accommodation

If the company profile includes one of the following business categories, you can't list additional categories:

  • Farmstead
  • Lodge, holiday home
  • Glamping
  • Hotel
  • Children's recreation camp
  • Daily housing
  • Camping
  • Dormitory
  • Farm retreat
  • Health retreat
  • Camp site
  • Hostel

List additional business categories in the Services tab. If the service (cafe, sauna, restaurant, and so on) is available to everyone rather than just hotel guests, you can create a separate profile for it.

The information in Daily housing apartment profiles is provided by Yandex Business partner rental services.

Data verification

By phone

To keep the data in Yandex Business up to date, our call center operators call businesses and confirm their information (name, address, opening hours, and so on).

We also make automated calls, which means you might be reached by a robot.

To ensure you received a call from Yandex Business, contact us using the form. In the form, select “Placement of a business with an actual address” and then “Other”.

Materials to confirm the address

Sometimes we request additional materials to confirm your company address:

  • A video showing the facade of your building, the address, a sign with your company name, and the interior of your office. The video must be shot without interruptions.

  • A copy/photo of the rental agreement for the address listed in the company profile.
  • A copy/photo of a document that confirms your ownership of the premises (for example, a certificate of ownership or a purchase and sale agreement).
Attention. Providing materials doesn't mean automatic verification.

We will check the authenticity of your photos and videos. If it turns out that there are not enough materials, we will ask you to send additional information.

We guarantee the confidentiality for everything you send us.

Yandex reserves the right to:

  • Edit the name in compliance with the rules for filling in the fields. For example, adjust the length of the name so it fits into the appropriate interface elements and is easy to read and understand by users of Yandex Business, Yandex Maps, and so on. For more information, see the Name section.

  • Choose a business category.

  • Reject requests for adding or editing company information without explanation.

  • Remove business listings at any moment without explanation.

  • Remove duplicate business listings.

    Duplicate business listings contain similar or identical information and describe the same company.

    Parts of large educational, medical, and government institutions (faculties, divisions, departments, buildings, offices, and so on) consisting of more than two buildings are not considered duplicates.