Sitemap validator

With the “Sitemap validator tool”, you can check your site's Sitemap file contents. The validation is based on the file requirements.

Note. Make sure that Sitemap available and returns the HTTP status with the 200 OK code. To do this, use the Server response check tool. If the server response takes more than 10 seconds, the file isn't downloaded by the tool and isn't taken into account by the robot when crawling. In this case, you should reduce the server response time.

To check the file contents, go to the Sitemap validator page and follow these steps:

  1. Add a file using one of these methods:
    • The file contents (the text option). Copy the file contents to the field. If there are validation errors, you can edit the file and recheck it.
    • The file itself (the file option). Upload the file from the site directory or drag it to the field.
    • The file link (the URL option). Enter the file link in the field, for example
  2. Click Check.

If any validation errors are found, see the Sitemap errors reference section.

What's next

Upload the Sitemap file in Yandex.Webmaster (Indexing → Sitemap files), so that the robot could regularly process it and learn about the site updates. In Yandex.Webmaster you can see when the robot indexes the file and let it know about updates. Learn more in the Sitemap files section.

Specify the tool in which you found the error, describe the situation in as much detail as possible, and if necessary, attach a screenshot that illustrates it.