How many site pages are included in search?

To find out how many site pages participate in Yandex search:
  1. Check that the site is known to Yandex. To do this, enter the site URL in the search bar in the private browsing mode (for example, Incognito in Yandex.Browser):
    • With the url operator. For example, url:
    • Without an operator. For example,

    If the search results show the site's main page, this means that the pages are indexed by the Yandex robot.

  2. Find out the number of pages uploaded to the robot's database. This number also includes pages that are in the robot's database but can't be displayed in search results. For example, if you recently sent a request to delete a page from search.
    Go to the My sites page in Yandex.Webmaster and check the “In search” column.

To check if a site page is in the search, enter the page URL in the browser search bar with the url operator or without it.