Questions about semantic markups

Will my site be ranked higher if I use markups?

Marking up your site can make it more visible for Yandex Search and attract more visitors within your target audience. However, markup doesn't directly affect the ranking.

I have read through the information on How do I get it up and running on my site?

Read the help sections and use the markup tools. You will probably need a programmer's help. describes many different information types. Are they all supported by Yandex?

No, we currently do not support all types. The full list of supported data types can be found in our help (for example, in section about or video).

Bear in mind that Yandex is constantly expanding how users can apply If you think some information is important, go ahead and mark it up.

I have set up on my site. How can I be sure that it's working?

First make sure that recognizes the marked up data correctly. If your markups are accurate and your marked information is used by Yandex's services, after a bit of time (usually two weeks) your information will show up on the appropriate pages.

If your markups are accurate but your information does not make it through our manual moderation, you will receive a moderator message in the Yandex.Webmaster interface. The moderator will tell you why your information cannot be used and suggest changes.

Why are snippets not shown even though my markups have been successfully recognized by your validator?

Make sure that Yandex can use your information in snippets. All snippets that can be made using your data are described in the What data can be sent section.

Before showing up in snippets, your information should be:

  1. correctly marked

  2. indexed

  3. moderated

If all of Yandex's requirements have been met, the moderator will approve the use of data from your site. After some time (around two weeks) snippets with your information will show up in Search.

Is it better to use micro-formats or How will the robot process my site if I use both?

Our algorithms do not prefer any one markup type. That means you can use the format that is most convenient for you. Regardless, we recommend as the more modern, fuller, and more actively developing standard.