My sites

Sites that you added in Yandex.Webmaster are displayed on the My site page.

On this page you can track key indicators:

  • The number of pages visited by the Yandex robot during indexing.
  • The number of pages that participate in the search.
  • The number of Turbo pages in the search.
  • Fatal and critical errors on the site and in Turbo pages.

If you change the site URL or the protocol over which it is available (from HTTP to HTTPS), the old site URL is no longer the main mirror. The URL you are moving to will appear in the site list. To get information about its status in the search, verify your rights to manage it.

Removing a site from Yandex.Webmaster

Note. When you remove a site from Yandex.Webmaster, its pages aren't excluded from search results. Removing a site doesn't affect its indexing.

After removal, the site is no longer displayed in Yandex.Webmaster to the user who removed it. If other users have rights to manage the site in Yandex.Webmaster, these rights are preserved. To revoke them, reset the site rights for other users before you remove the site from Yandex.Webmaster.

On the site, delete the changes you made to verify the rights (for example, a meta tag or DNS entry).

To remove a site from Yandex.Webmaster:
  1. Go to the My sites page.
  2. Click the icon next to the site.

The site disappears from the My sites page if you didn't verify the site management rights within a month after adding it to the service.


Does adding a site to my list of sites affect how fast it will be indexed?
Registering a site in the service doesn't affect indexing. To speed up site indexing, follow the recommendations.
Can someone else get information about my site?
The site information is available to users with site management rights:To find out who can access the site in Yandeex.Webmaster, go to the Access rights page.

Tell us what your question is about so we can direct you to the right specialist:

To add a site to Yandex.Webmaster, the server must respond to the main Yandex robot and the Yandex.Webmaster robot with the HTTP code 200 OK (or redirect to a page that responds with the HTTP code 200 OK).

Check your server settings. Yandex robots are represented in logs as follows.

DNS record not found

This error occurred because the required record wasn't found in your site's DNS. This could happen for the following reasons:

  • The DNS information wasn't updated yet (this may take some time). Try verifying your rights the next day.
  • A non-txt record was created in the DNS.
  • A DNS record was created for another site. A search engine treats and as different domains. Therefore, TXT records for each of them are created separately.

If you do not know how to make a TXT record in DNS, contact the support service to which your site is delegated. For example, this can be a domain name registrar.

The content of the received HTML file differs from the required one

To verify your site management rights using an HTML file, make sure the file content is strictly the same as specified in the service. If the file code contains page design elements, meta tags, or any other additional code, you won't be able to verify your rights.

If for some reason you are unable to create an HTML file with specific content, check the server settings. It may automatically add code when creating the page. In this case, use other methods of rights verification.

Failed to load home page

The Yandex.Webmaster robot failed to view your site's home page. This could happen for the following reasons:

  • The home page of your site redirects to another page (for example, to /index.html). In this case, we recommend changing the server settings so that it responds to the Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; YandexWebmaster/2.0; + robot with HTTP code 200 OK.
  • The home page of your site is not available. Check if it opens in the browser.

If there are no redirects from the home page and it opens freely in the browser, but you still can't verify your site management rights, contact us.

Meta tag not found

The meta tag required for verifying the site management rights must be placed inside the head element of the HTML code of the site's home page.

<meta name='yandex-verification' content='XXXXXXXXXXXXXX' />

If you add the meta tag to another place on the home page, you won't be able to verify your rights.

WHOIS record doesn't contain user email addresses

If your site has the .рф or .ru domain extension, the rights verification method via WHOIS won't work for you. You can also see this message if the WHOIS record isn't standard (the email address is located outside the “E-mail” or “Contact” fields).

The user didn't confirm the email address from the WHOIS record

To verify your site management rights using the email address from the WHOIS record, confirm this address on the page.

When verifying the rights, the robot received a response other than 200 OK

When the main Yandex robot or Yandex.Webmaster robot accesses documents on your site, the server responds with a code other than 200 OK. Therefore, your rights can't be verified.

Check your server settings. Yandex robots are represented in logs as follows.

You need to configure the server so that it responds to a file request with HTTP code 200 OK. The rights to your site in Yandex.Webmaster should then be verified successfully.

Errors delegating the rights

When you delegate the rights, the site isn't automatically added to the account of the user the rights are delegated to. You should do this manually. After the site is added, the delegated rights are confirmed automatically.

You should also keep in mind that a search engine treats,,, and as different sites. Therefore, add exactly the same site address as was added by the user the rights are delegated from.

Other errors

Verified site management rights may be revoked if the service robot fails to find the verification code during the next check, or if the site is unavailable.

The verification code is checked regularly and automatically. Therefore, we recommend that you don't delete the code to ensure that your rights aren't reset. To restore the revoked rights, verify them again using on of the methods. This will not affect the site statistics collected.

Information provided by the service is confidential and is intended for the site owners or other authorized persons. Therefore, managing a site in Yandex.Webmaster requires verification. If you don't want to verify your rights, you won't be able to use the service.