My sites

This page shows sites that you have confirmed rights to and added to Yandex.Webmaster.

General information

The following information is available for each site:

  • The number of pages visited by the Yandex robot during indexing.
  • The number of pages shown in Yandex search results.

Notification about changes in the Yandex.Metrica tag

If the site has a Yandex.Metrica tag installed, you can receive messages in Yandex.Webmaster about the site performance and changes in how the tag works.

This message is generated after checking the tag statistics on site pages. If you see a message, it may mean that the tag is:

  • Installed incorrectly (the code snippet contains errors).
  • Installed on a small percentage of the site's pages, which can significantly reduce the efficacy of the data obtained.

If you received a message

  1. Check:
    • Whether the tag is installed on all the site's pages. For example, you may have recently added new pages.
    • Tag statuses in Yandex.Metrica — they will show if the code snippet is processed correctly.
  2. Make changes as necessary.
  3. In Yandex.Webmaster, click the Recheck button to test the site's pages again.

Questions and answers

Does adding a site to my list of sites affect how fast it will be indexed?

Registering a site in the service doesn't affect indexing.

Can someone else get information about my site?

Site information is only accessible to users who have confirmed their site management rights. To confirm rights, a user must be able to change the site's pages.

You can view information about all users who have confirmed site management rights on the Verify site management rights page in Yandex.Webmaster.

Can another user see information about the same sites?

Other users can see information about your sites if they add them to their accounts and confirm management rights.