This page contains information about which regions have been defined for your site using the Yandex.Webmaster service or automatically by Yandex robots.

Changing the site's region

To change your site's region, enter the region you want to set, and in the corresponding box, enter the URL of the page on your site that confirms its regional identity. Then save your changes.

Changes will take effect after the region has been verified (a message about this will appear on the page) and the search database has been updated.

Questions and Answers

Do all sites need a regional assignment?

If your site is directed at location-dependent queries, you should definitely make sure that your site's regional location is correctly detected, since it may be used for determining the site's relevancy for queries from a particular region.

If your site has general content designed for users from any regions, don't assign a region. Sites with general content can be assigned the status “does not have a regional affiliation”.

Your site can't be assigned the status “does not have a regional affiliation” if it is devoted to the products of a specific company that has a physical or legal address.

Which region should I assign to my site?

We recommend selecting the region as precisely as possible. For example, if the site is related to the city of Yekaterinburg, you should assign this as the region, not the "Sverdlovskaya area" or "Russia".

How many regions total can be assigned?

The site can be automatically assigned several regions. Only one region can be assigned through the Yandex.Webmaster service.

Why does the service show that the region was rejected?

If a region set in Yandex.Webmaster failed automatic verification or was rejected by a moderator, this region will not be assigned to the site. The region is assigned correctly in the following cases:

  • The site has contact information confirming it (for example, this is the site of a business with an office in the specified region).

  • Materials on the site have a geographical localization that matches the specified region, and the site is informational (for example, a local newspaper site).

If the region you set in Yandex.Webmaster was rejected, but the site is truly regional, try assigning another more suitable region.