Search the Yandex.Music catalog

There are several ways to search for music on the service.

Enter a query in the search field

You will see search suggestions, which are popular queries that other users entered. Select an option from the suggestions or enter your own. Then click or press Enter.

In the search results you'll see artists, albums, and tracks that correspond to the query.

Find music among your personal recommendations
Attention. To view recommendations, you must log into Yandex.

On the Feed page, you'll see compositions, albums, artists, and playlists that you might like.

Your Feed is compiled based on your tastes in music: music that you marked as or listened to earlier will affect your feed recommendations. Additionally, your recommendations feed includes your friends' favorite music and will introduce you to the music that is current and popular in the world.

Find music while listening to the radio

If you don't know what you want to listen to now, turn on the radio and find your favorite genre or artist.

Find music among different musical mixes.

To do this, go to the Genres page. On this page, you can find musical mixes to suit a particular event, a list of tracks from your favorite movies or TV shows, music for working out, and a lot more.

Find tracks among the music that your friends selected

Just subscribe to their profiles.

Some tracks in the list are marked with special icons: