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Notifications about new episodes

Listeners can now subscribe to full podcasts by clicking on the podcast page under its name.

Encourage listeners to subscribe to your podcast on Yandex Music through social media and in podcast episodes. Yandex Music will send notifications about new episodes to your listeners so that they never miss an episode.

Promotion by the Yandex Music team

The Yandex Music editorial team can promote your podcasts on banners, in collections, or in playlists. The team promotes thematic podcasts that have good sound quality and high potential. If your podcast matches the requirements, the editorial team will find a way to bring it to the right audience.

Where podcasts are promoted


Playlists are thematic mixes of podcast episodes compiled by the Yandex Music editorial team. The "Trending" playlist is compiled automatically.

You can see all existing playlists in a special mix.


Mixes are album compilations put together by the Yandex Music editorial team. They are different from the thematic categories of the podcast catalog. To learn more about how the catalog works and how you can find the right category for your podcast, go to Podcast catalog.

How to promote your podcast

Note. Only podcasts that have at least two full-fledged episodes are considered for promotion.

To promote your podcast, fill out the request at the bottom of the page. If you need a promo by a specific date, fill out the request in advance. If we receive a lot of requests, it may take us more than two weeks to consider your request.

If your podcast is promoted, we will do our best to respond. We read all requests, but, unfortunately, we can't send a reply to everyone. Check the playlist called “Podcasts: New Episodes”, the podcast page, and playlists compiled by the editorial team: your podcast might have already been promoted, and you can find it there.

Please fill out the request no more than once a month.