Share music or podcasts

You can use the icon to share your favorite music in your social network profile, blog, or website.

On social networks, you can only post links to tracks, podcasts, albums, and playlists. In a blog or on a site, you can also embed a player to listen to tracks without switching over to Yandex Music.

Note. To share a playlist, first you must grant access to it.
Share music in social networks
  1. Click the social network button.
  2. Log in (if necessary) and post your message along with a link to the music.
Share music on a blog or website
  1. Click Copy link. The link will be copied automatically.
  2. Post the link on your blog or website.
Embed a player on your blog or website
  1. Click HTML code.
  2. Change the player size, if necessary. To do this, enter the new width and height values.
  3. Copy the player code.
  4. Insert the code into your blog or website.