New and popular music

New releases and playlists with new music

On the Main page under the New releases tab, you will see all new albums, singles, and playlists that have been added to the Yandex.Music collection. New music is sorted by the date it was added.

To listen to new tracks in a particular genre and to find music that is popular right now, go to Playlists with new releases.

To listen to new music that has been selected to match your preferences, select the Premiere playlist. New tracks that are similar to the ones you've liked will be automatically added to the Premiere playlist. This playlist is compiled based on the genres and artists you've listened to over the past week. It is personalized for each user and gets updated once a week. To listen to the current version of your Premiere playlist next week as well, add it to My collection. To learn more about the playlist, go to Smart playlists.


To listen to tracks that are popular right now, go to the Chart tab on the Main page. Tracks that Yandex.Music users listen to most frequently are added there automatically. The chart updates constantly: the track that was in first place yesterday may occupy a lower position tomorrow.

The following icons are used to indicate track position changes in the chart:
  • — the track is in a higher position.
  • — the track is in a lower position.
If you want to influence a track's position in the chart, listen to it more frequently.
Note. Listening to a track in the Chart itself will not influence the track's position.

Popular tracks of an artist

If you want to listen to popular tracks of a given artist, go to their page. Enter the artist's name in the search bar or click it on the album, playlist, or player page. Popular tracks and albums can be found on the Main tab.

In albums, popular music and frequently-played tracks of an artist are also marked with the special icon .

Track ratings are generated based on how often Yandex.Music users listen to them.

Notifications about new releases

You can get email notifications when new tracks are added to Yandex Music:

  1. Click on your account portrait in the upper-right corner of the page and select Settings.
  2. Go to the Notifications tab.
  3. In the Email for notifications line, click .
  4. Select an email address or add a new one.

Select what type of emails you want to receive from Yandex Music in Event types.

To unsubscribe from notifications, deselect all options in Event types.

Subscribe to podcast

To subscribe to a podcast, click on the podcast page. Yandex Music will send you notifications, so that you never miss a new episode.

You can see the podcasts you are subscribed to in My collection.