Why do I need a subscription?

In the web version of Yandex.Music, you can use all the service functions for free and listen to any tracks. However, you will periodically hear audio ads if you do not have a subscription. In addition, you can only listen to music in a limited number of countries. Restrictions also apply to the Yandex.Music mobile app: without a subscription, you can only listen to radio, mixes, and recommended tracks.

With a subscription, you can:

Your subscription is linked to your account and covers both the web version of the service and the Yandex.Music app on your various devices. Additionally, with a paid subscription you can use the paid functions of Yandex.Radio: skip any number of tracks and listen to radio without ads. Just use the same account on both services.

Restriction. A subscription for an account created using a phone number is linked to a single device. To use it on different devices, contact support.

The money received from subscriptions and ads goes to pay royalties to copyright holders and artists as well as to continue improving the service.

If you want to read about other ways to support your favorite artist, go to the Support an artist directly section.

Countries where the service is available without a subscription

  • Armenia
  • Belarus
  • Kazakhstan
  • Russia