Smart playlists

On the Yandex Music home page, the Playlists compiled for you section shows your smart playlists. They are generated using machine learning and are based on your preferences. Smart playlists are unique for each user and are updated automatically.

To start receiving personalized smart playlists, log in to Yandex.Music and set up recommendations.

  1. Types of smart playlists
  2. Smart playlist actions
  3. Names in smart playlists
  4. Setting up smart playlists
  5. Access to smart playlists
  6. Recover a smart playlist

Types of smart playlists

Title When it appears Type of tracks Scheduled updates

Playlist of the Day

Appears almost immediately after you start listening to music and adding tracks to your music library

Contains tracks based on your preferences

Every day


Appears after 1–2 weeks of active music listening and adding tracks to your music library

New music that you might like

Every Friday

Déjà Vu

Appears after 3–4 weeks of active music listening and adding tracks to your music library

Contains tracks from the Yandex.Music catalog that you haven't listened to yet

Every Monday

Secret Stash

When your music library has accumulated many tracks you haven't listened to yet

Music you have added to your music library but not listened to yet

Every Tuesday

Names in smart playlists

Your name is added to the description of each smart playlist so that you can differentiate between the list that was picked for you and one that your friend shared with you.

To display a different username or a name other than your username in your smart playlist:

  1. In your Yandex.Passport profile, click Edit personal information.
  2. Fill in or change the Name and surname boxes.
  3. Save the changes.

Setting up smart playlists

Listen to and add the music that you like to your music library

The contents of smart playlists are influenced by the music you listen to and the tracks you have marked with the icon. The more music you listen to, the more precise the recommendations are.

Block tracks and artists that you don't like

If you don't want a particular track to appear in your recommendations, tap on the player panel when listening to it.

To prevent the system from recommending an artist to you, go to that artist's page and click . You can easily reverse this ban: find the necessary track or artist and click the block button again.

Rate the Playlist of the Day
To share your opinion about the "Playlist of the Day" with the Yandex.Music team:
  1. Open Playlist of the Day.
  2. Click How do you like this playlist?.
  3. Tell us your opinion of the playlist or which recommendations you would change, and submit your feedback.
Specify your favorite genres and artists
  1. Click on your account portrait in the upper-right corner of the page and select Settings.
  2. On the Account tab, go to the Music preferences section and tap the Refine button.
  3. Select your favorite genres. If you no longer like a genre you previously added to your favorites, tap on the genre icon.
  4. Tap the Next button.
  5. Select your favorite artists. Popular artists and your favorites from the genres you selected are displayed on the page. To remove an artist from your recommendations, tap the icon.

Access to smart playlists

By default, your smart playlists are only available to you. If you share a playlist with another user, they will be able to:

  • Listen to your smart playlist.
  • Add your smart playlist to their favorite playlists.
  • Add tracks from your smart playlist to their music library.
  • Share your smart playlist and the tracks in it.

A smart playlist is updated for everyone who has access to it.

Recover a smart playlist

Once a smart playlist has been updated, you will not be able to listen to it again. To add tracks from a smart playlist to your music library, mark them with the icon while you are listening.

If you don't have time to save a track you like before the smart playlist is updated:

  1. The track can be found in playback history.
  2. Tap on the track.