Using someone else's music in podcasts and uploading audiobooks

Can I use someone else's tracks in my podcasts?

You can use music in podcasts only if it's royalty-free. To use a music fragment from someone else's composition, you need a permission from the copyright holder — the label or the distributor.

Is there any music that doesn't require permission to use it?

Yes, for the background or opening sequence, you can commission music from podcast studios, use your own works, or use audio from stock sites. You can use stock sites like Free Music Archive, FreePD, or Audionautix. To find available music in Soundcloud and Bandcamp, use the tag “creative commons”.

Note. Be sure to read the terms of use in each case. Sometimes copyright holders prohibit the use of music in commercial projects or ask you to specify its source.

A podcast can also pass moderation without any permissions and additional documents if it uses music excerpts strictly for educational purposes. For example, it can be a podcast about the history of music that uses small excerpts rather than full compositions.

Playlist for a podcast

If you want to add music to your podcast, compile a playlist for it and add a link to the description:

  1. Compile a playlist from your personal account or create a special account for the podcast.
  2. Share your playlist with other users: in the playlist settings, disable the Private playlist option.
  3. Write to us, and we will add a link to the playlist in the description of your podcast.

Can I upload audiobooks and fairy tales?

On Yandex Music, podcasts and audiobooks are not the same thing. Therefore, we recommend uploading such projects through a distributor — just like music tracks. This way, you can monetize your project, and we can post it under audiobooks, where it will find its target audience easier.

To learn more about uploading content through distributors, go to Post tracks on Yandex Music.

If you want to voice someone else's book or its translation, you should also obtain permission from the copyright holder.