Add or delete music

Add music

You can add any tracks, mixes, albums, or artists that you mark with to your library.

You can add a track to your player or playlist while you're listening to it. To add a track from the list, hold your cursor over it and click on the track.

Add a playlist, album, or artist using one of these two methods:
  • Open the playlist, album, or artist and click under the name.
  • Hold your cursor over the playlist, album, or artist in the list and click on the image.

In addition to updating when you add music manually, your library will update in the following situations:

  • When you save music to a playlist or import music from your computer.

  • When you add your library to your mobile app.

  • When you mark a track with on Yandex.Radio. In order to sync your profiles, you must use the same account on both Yandex.Music and Yandex.Radio. Tracks you add are saved in the Liked on Yandex.Radio playlist.

  • When you like an artist on Facebook. To add to your music library this way, connect your Facebook profile to your Yandex.Music profile. Artists you added will appear in your music library on the Artists tab.

Yandex.Music sends notifications about concerts and new tracks for all the artists that you added to your library. You can change your notification settings in the service settings.

Delete music

You can delete tracks, playlists, albums, or artists on the My music page and in the music catalog.

To delete music from your library:
  1. Find the track, playlist, album or artist.
  2. Hold your cursor over it and click .
The icon will not display for music that was added to your library automatically, playlists you created manually, or Yandex.Radio tracks. To delete them, open them and click in the entry.