Cancel subscription

You can prevent Yandex.Music from automatically charging your card for a subscription renewal. In this case, only the free features will remain available after your current paid subscription period ends.

If you paid for your subscription in the web version of Yandex.Music, you can cancel auto-renewal by following these steps:
  1. In the upper-right corner of the page, click My music.
  2. Click Settings to the right of your username.
  3. In the settings, go to the Subscription tab.
  4. Click Cancel subscription.

After you cancel auto-renewal of your subscription, the Active status will change to Renewal cancelled. Furthermore, the date when your paid subscription ends will be indicated below. You can continue to use all the service's functions up until that date.

If the Subscription tab displays the Active status and the date when you were last charged but the Cancel renewal link does not display, it means that you paid for your subscription using the mobile app. For information on how to cancel your auto-renewal for a subscription you paid for in the mobile app, see the Help section in the Yandex.Music mobile app.

If you subscribed using the app on a mobile device that you no longer have access to, disable your subscription on the webpage of one of these stores:
Tip. To access all the service's functions without automatically renewing your subscription, use a Yandex.Music gift code.