Bid corrections by target audience: detailed statistics in Report Wizard

Report Wizard now features a new cross-section showing all the statistics for bid adjustments applied to target audiences.

Let's use an example to take a closer look.

Let's say that you apply a raised coefficient to bids for search users who have previously visited your site and complete a specific action (or a chain of actions). For example, you set a +200% increase for bids on the keyword book hostel in Moscow for users who visited your site at least twice in the past 30 days, visited pages of Moscow hostels, but did not complete a booking. We'll call this these criteria "Target search users. Hostels." As soon as a user meeting these criteria searches a relevant query in Yandex, the system will automatically raise the original bid by +200%, meaning that the ad will be able to occupy a more noticeable position. As a result, you raise your profile among users with a confirmed interest in your offering while also greatly increasing the chances of a conversion.

In the impression criteria cross-section in Report Wizard, you can see the statistics for this type of bid adjustments, whether for a campaign or an account. To continue our hostel example, we can select "Target search users. Hostels" and find out how many impressions took place for an adjusted bid fitting those criteria, track CTR, average CPC, conversions, and much more.

Data in the reports are available starting from July 22, 2015.

You can find out more about the different types of bid adjustments in the help section.