Display advertising

Yandex Display Advertising serves ads to over 52 million users daily, accounting for 89% of the Russian internet audience (Source: TNS Web Index, April 2017). Using images, video and audio content, and all sorts of special effects, advertisers can tap into this audience, appeal to users, and increase brand awareness.

High viewability standards

Display advertising is not just about visual features. Behind the scenes, there a powerful technological base provides coverage of your target audience while guaranteeing that you pay only for real impressions. The advantages of payment only for real impressions are complemented by the possibility of selecting your audience using various types of targeting — practically any characteristic important for your campaign’s success.

Geotargeting for Russian regions
Define which subjects and cities in the Russian Federation are part of your target audience
Demographic targeting
Use categories like “gender,” “gender and age,” “gender, age, and income level” to filter out users unlikely to be interested in your ads
Behavioral retargeting
Show ads to users who have previously visited your site or certain Yandex services.
Targeting by user category
Appeal to users with various lifestyles: top managers, frequent travelers, or stay-at-home moms, for example.
Audience interests
Serve ads to users based on their interests.
Combine your own customer information with Yandex data to target users whose behavior resembles your clients’.
Light TV viewers (LTV)
Reach users who watch little to no television who are least likely to see TV ads.
Weather-based targeting
Link your targeting to weather conditions or temperature
Targeting by event
Attract users interested in Yandex.Afisha events with relevant audiences.
Service Segments “Audiences”
The segment generated an advertiser yourself using the “Audiences” service

Select a platform

Place ads on the pages of Yandex services and partner sites for desktop computers or mobile platforms.
Yandex media services and YAN partner sites
Mobile-friendly sites of Yandex services and the YAN

Choosing a format

There are various forms of display ads: traditional banners, video clips, audio clips in between tracks on internet radio, as well as format specialized for mobile audiences.

Alongside individual formats, you can also place ads in the cross-media network, thereby combining several ads formats into one convenient order.

Choosing a purchase method

All Yandex.Display products are CPM, with either fixed or auction-based pricing. If clients are interested in serving ads on a specific site, they can choose the “Run of site” option. Conversely, the “Run of network” option is the best choice if it’s a specific audience that an advertiser wants to reach, regardless of where the ads appear.

Managing display ads

Yandex.Display allows you to manage the placement of your ads on Yandex service sites and the Yandex Advertising Network.