Placing ads on pages for selecting goods and services

Airline tickets, used cars, holiday tour packages — there are certain products and services best suited for specialized portals that collect and display offers from a variety of sellers. These niche sites offer advertisers a special opportunity to reach audiences most likely to be interested in purchasing their offers.

Yandex has several such services:

Find, compare, and purchase goods from 20 000 stores
Just about anything sold in the Russian internet can be found on Yandex.Market. A monthly audience of over 19,000,000 users purchase everything from smartphones to children’s toys, electric guitars to garden chairs.
Convenient selection of holiday tours
Yandex.Travel collects a wide variety of holiday tour packages — with detailed descriptions of operators and hotels — and allows users to select tours based on a wide variety of parameters.
The leading Russian portal for new and used car sales
Users visit to buy and sell passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and even yachts and helicopters.

Housing and rental sales
A service for the rental and sale of apartments, plots of land, and country houses in Russia and the CIS countries, featuring a current database of offers from individuals, developers, and agencies.
A collection of annotated links
Collections of websites grouped by topic and sorted by number of citations. This service makes it easier to find information using popular resources.
Find and purchase airline tickets
Users search by various parameters to find and compare different airlines’ offers to their destination.