Sitelinks in YAN ads

Starting today, it's possible to add sitelinks to ads for impression on the Advertising Network. Sitelinks are a simple and effective way of making an ad more attractive for potential buyers and to increase the number of target traffic from YAN sites.

We have long used sitelinks in ads on Yandex search results pages, which is why we can speak confidently about the high effectiveness of this format: it makes it possible to bring the user to the needed page on your site and reduce the time for selecting and purchasing an item. What's more, if a user clicks on several links at once when viewing an ad, you only pay for one click.

The links that have already been added for display on Yandex search will be automatically displayed in YAN ads by default. If you want to bring Advertising Network users to other pages on the site, use the Independent management of search and content sites strategy's capabilities.

As a reminder, you can find all necessary information about sitelinks and the nuances of setting them in help.

If you have any questions, you can ask your manager at Yandex or the support service.