Multicurrency support has been introduced in the Direct interface

On August 27, 2013, changes were made in Direct that significantly simplify working with financial indicators in the interface. Now advertisers can do everything from paying bills to setting cost per click (CPC) and controlling statistics displays in the currency of their choice. For new clients and agencies, the interface now features the ability to work in one of seven currencies: rubles, hryvnas, tenge, euros, US dollars, Turkish liras, or Swiss francs. The advertiser’s currency is determined by the country he/she selects in user settings.

Direct calculates current exchange rates. Bids set by advertisers in their payment currency are converted into the system’s internal units in real time according to Central Bank of Russia’s exchange rate on the given day.

CPC is displayed without reflecting discounts or VAT on the bid system page in the multicurrency interface. Just as they are when participating in auctions.

The switch to working in payment currencies will take place gradually. Currently, this capability is available for new Direct clients who work independently or with a Yandex manager. Ad agencies new to Direct will also be able to work in currencies. We will notify other advertisers and advertising agencies about the transition's start in advance.

We have written more in-depth about the features of working with the multicurrency interface on a special help page.

You can read more about changes in the Yandex.Direct API stemming from the multicurrency interface in the documentation section.