Sensitive data masking in Session Replay
yesterday, 13:15

Session Replay helps you find flaws in site design by showing you how people interacted with a site in the tiniest detail, including filling out form fields. However, this option should still protect the privacy of site users. That is why we are introducing sensitive data masking, where all the contents of form fields that may contain sensitive data are now automatically changed to asterisks.

New compact interface for creating and editing tags
4 April, 15:03

We have updated the interface for creating and editing tags. Now, creating a new tag is split into two steps: choosing your tag settings, and then installing its code snippet on a site.

Legacy ecommerce code will become obsolete soon – time to make changes to your scripts
2 March, 14:31

Soon, support for the legacy method of transferring ecommerce data that uses preset session parameters will be discontinued. If you still use this method and need to receive ecommerce statistics for your reports, you will need to make changes to your scripts for transferring ecommerce data by March 27.

Come and talk with Yandex.Metrica in person at digital analytics events in Europe
16 February, 15:22

In February and March the Yandex.Metrica team will participate in two conferences on digital analytics and marketing in Turkey and Germany. Join us to get a new perspective on trends in the industry and share your thoughts!

Save time on your routine with scheduled reports
5 February, 12:33

A useful new feature is now available for Yandex.Metrica reports that need to be created regularly. You can now not only save and add reports to your Favorites, but also create scheduled reports. These pre-prepared reports will be created with 100% accuracy (i.e. without sampling) and thus will open instantly in the interface.

New Yandex.Metrica certified partner: agency
24 January, 16:42

Meet Yandex.Metrica’s new certified partner –, an agency that focuses on ROI, ad tech and digital analytics. They operate globally with offices in Amsterdam and Istanbul.

The most useful Yandex.Metrica updates in 2017
15 January, 13:26

Many new features rolled out for Yandex.Metrica last year. We have compiled a list of the most useful ones, which will be especially helpful for those who like to stay up to date with the latest Yandex.Metrica features, but do not regularly check our blog.

Superweek conference in Hungary: let's talk machine learning and digital privacy
20 December 2017, 15:00

We’ll be discussing machine learning algorithms and digital privacy at the Superweek conference in Budapest, which runs from January 29 through February 2.

Adding notes to Yandex.Metrica graphs
18 December 2017, 19:25

There's a new feature to make viewing statistics in Yandex.Metrica more convenient — you can now add notes to any line graphs in Yandex.Metrica reports. This can come in handy if you want to mark the launch date of a new promo-campaign that then caused a spike in your traffic, or if you changed your site layout in such a way that your conversion numbers increased.

How to find “secret” reports in Yandex.Metrica
6 December 2017, 15:10

Some of the most common questions we hear are related to why users can't find certain reports in the interface, or how they can get reports that are currently unavailable. If you wanted to ask the same question, there's good news: now you can find answers for these questions instantly in your counter settings. The new “More features” tab shows the status of all reports that involve additional setup or certain requirements.

Create segments from report rows and go to their Session Replay recordings in one click
9 October 2017, 12:18

You can create a segment in Yandex.Metrica in one click by simply selecting the required row in a report as well as filter the Session Replay recordings for that row. Meanwhile, the “Session recordings” filters Session Replay recordings, meaning you will see only those sessions that belong to the selected report row.

Examine predictive analytics with Yandex.Metrica in London and Berlin
21 September 2017, 11:29

Data from Yandex.Metrica can be used to not only analyze user behavior after the fact, but also predict subsequent user actions. Yandex.Metrica, along with online DIY retailer “220 Volt”, has built a model that calculates the conversion probability for each site user. Head of Yandex.Metrica Viktor Tarnavsky will talk about the steps needed to create a predictive analytics model at the eMetrics summit in London on October 11-12, and in Berlin on November 12-14.

Yandex.Metrica at a glance: detailed presentation at Dmexco conference in Cologne
6 September 2017, 13:44

This year's Dmexco conference on September 13-14 in Cologne is a good opportunity to learn about the major features of Yandex.Metrica first-hand. Yandex.Metrica's head Viktor Tarnavsky and Yandex's Director of Strategic Development Evgeny Lomize will give an in-depth presentation on Yandex.Metrica's capabilities and Yandex's ad technologies stack.

Yandex.Metrica launches agency certification program
9 August 2017, 16:13

Agencies that help businesses grow online need web analytics. Their tasks are difficult, because now it is not only a matter of evaluating the return on investing in ads, but also a constant search for growth points in a dataset. To make it easier for customers to find a partner that is professionally skilled in web analytics, we have launched an agency certification program for Yandex.Metrica.

From screen to screen: cross device conversions
4 August 2017, 16:48

A new feature has become available in Yandex.Metrica – the beta version of the cross device report. This report allows you to track the conversions of customers who have visited your site from several devices. For example, users first visit your site from a mobile device, then later return on a desktop computer and place an order. The cross device report allows you to assess the contribution of different device types to the conversion process and more efficiently allocate your budget to each marketing channel.

Open beta for Session Replay 2.0: stage one
12 July 2017, 12:08

Session Replay 2.0, which was tested in closed beta at the end of last year, is ready to be released to the wider world. Today, access to the new Session Replay tool is available for a portion of Yandex.Metrica users: if you see a new option in the Session Replay tab of your Settings, just activate it and then update your tracking code. In a few months’ time, the Session Replay 2.0 option will appear for all Yandex.Metrica accounts.

How doubled their conversion rate with Yandex.Metrica
5 July 2017, 13:09

What do you do with a website that isn’t selling well even if every single detail was thought through? Founder and general director of online furniture store Anton Makarov has shared his story with Yandex.Metrica. launched with a bright and stylish website design that a lot of time, money and effort went into. However, the site was not performing well with sales, with its conversion rate fluctuating around 0.15 percent.

Yandex.Metrica in Europe: talks, panel discussions and friendly analytics chats
18 May 2017, 18:25

This summer, Yandex.Metrica’s team will participate in several major events dedicated to digital marketing and analytics. If you happen to attend one of the conferences below, feel free to ask any questions about Yandex.Metrica or talk about web analytics in general. Meet us at The Digital Enterprise Show (Madrid), Search Marketing Expo (Paris), and The Savage Marketing Conference (Amsterdam).

Online + offline + calls: track any conversion with Yandex.Metrica
16 May 2017, 13:26

Customers often place orders online, but purchase the goods in person, or they find out about a service on a website and then call the business over the phone. Now these and any other conversions that happen off the internet can be sent to Yandex.Metrica. This means you can associate customer behavior online with their offline actions. Doing so will allow you to assess the impact of different traffic sources and better understand your customer’s journey. You can also use this method to appeal to customers that are active offline through targeted advertising.

Multi-step goal segments
4 April 2017, 19:29

You can now create segments based on each stage of a multi-step goal. This will allow you to study sessions in which a complete conversion did not occur for users. Multi-step goal segments can also be used in Session Replay.