21 June 2018
Yandex is a pioneering internet technology company with a background of 19 years developing user-oriented products and services based on cutting-edge proprietary technologies — from neural networks and machine learning, to cloud storage and big data analytics. More than 90%* of internet users in Russia use Yandex products and services on their desktop and mobile devices. *Mediascope, November 2017

YES! We are ready for yet another Yandex Expert Summit! This year a top digital marketing event for those advertising professionals who already use the tools and services provided by Yandex, as well as those who would like to learn more about them, will take place on 21 June at the BRIDGE Studios in Berlin.

Experience Yandex products, meet Yandex experts face-to-face, ask them all your questions, share your feedback, and learn first-hand about the latest trends and innovations in advertising technology, digital marketing and analytics

During the course of this one-day event, you will hear talks that will let you in on the latest updates and special settings in Yandex.Direct, receive tips on how to get the most out of your campaigns, learn about the finer points of using Yandex.Metrica, and find out what’s new in the good old display advertising and what to do with all of it right now.

Your YES day will also include real-life case studies and workshops where you will learn the practical skills of using Yandex tools and services for maximum results. You will also hear about key recent Yandex launches on the cusp of technological progress.

And, of course, no YES conference is complete without a party! We love to know more about your marketing achievements and tell you about ours after the conference in a relaxed and friendly environment, accompanied by music and drinks.

Registration. Welcome coffee
Welcome word. Looking into the future from the pastWhat was 2017 for Yandex and the advertising market like? What were our expectations and how did they pan out? What technological game changers impacted the market and how do we adjust our plans and strategies for 2018?
Bernard Lukey, Executive Director, Yandex Europe AG
Alice Skills Platform: Let Yandex AI introduce you to your new audiencesAlice, the conversational AI assistant introduced last fall, has seen explosive growth: it talks to millions of users daily across multiple surfaces, from mobile to desktop to devices. The Yandex. Dialogs platform invites businesses to join these conversations by adding their skills to Alice.
Mikhail Bilenko, Head of Machine Intelligence, Yandex
Yandex. Direct: New incarnation for new challengesYandex. Direct has long moved from being a tool for responding to demand through SERP advertising to a versatile marketing platform that provides solutions for every step of customer journey in multiple formats and with a variety of buying models.
Eugene Lomize, Director of Strategic Development, Yandex
Yandex Advertising Network: What’s newThe YAN is not just yet another display network, it is a full-scale performance tool which adds value to your search campaigns. Learn about how you can add creatives to any inventory on the YAN and achieve measurable results.
Olga Erykalina, Advertising Technology Development, Yandex
Mobile UpdateNew products and insights for mobile advertisers: from user acquisition to mobile sites. Case studies.
Denis Zlobin, Mobile International Sales, Yandex
Yandex. Audience: Key benefits and opportunitiesNew data classes, new audience segments, new opportunities in Yandex’s audience segmentaion tool for hyper-targeted advertising. Case studies.
Herman Tsarev, Head of Audience Targeting, Yandex
Yandex. Metrica: New challenges, new marketsYou will find out about the latest news and updates in Yandex. Metrica that are designed to equip you with more information about visitors to your site. You will also learn how using data in Yandex. Metrica complies with the European data protection regulation — one of the hottest issues in web analytics today.
Viktor Tarnavskiy, Head of Yandex. Metrica, Yandex
Coffee break

Case studies/Panel discussion
Learn about how global brands perform with Yandex’s advertising technology

What’s new in AI
Platforms have taken the place of gadgets. We now use them without even thinking about it. We will speak about how the new opportunities opened up by technological innovations have changed our lives.

Andrey Sebrant, Director of Product Marketing, Yandex
Ivan Yamshchikov, Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences

Dinner and party
Meet your colleagues from other companies and talk to the teams behind Yandex’s advertising technology in a relaxed and informal setting.

Secure yourself a place at the YES conference! Register now to use this fantastic opportunity to attend our annual product briefing at the BRIDGE Studios in Berlin on 21 June, and meet Yandex experts from all over the world, expand your adtech knowledge, share performance boosting practices and exchange experiences with our growing Yandex expert community.

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