Yandex.Metrica mobile app: fresh stats on the go

The brand new Yandex.Metrica mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to quickly check the latest traffic numbers and trends.

We have outfitted the app with those features most convenient to have on a smartphone:

Dashboard. Customize it to meet your needs — choose the widgets you need and arrange them as you see fit. Tap any widget to see a more detailed report.

The reports you need. The mobile version features practically all the reports available in the desktop version: source, traffic, audience, and Ecommerce, among others. You can choose the accuracy level (sampling), add statistics by goal, and switch attribution models.

Special “Sessions” section. See a list of all site visits and drill down into each session to find out its duration, source, region, and many other details.

Your own desktop segments. All the segments you save in the desktop version of Yandex.Metrica are available in the app.

Large graphics. View any report in landscape view. Tap a point in the graph to see its value.

Various access levels. View statistics as a counter owner, account representative, or guest.

You can download the app in Google Play or the AppStore.

We plan to add more functions to make Yandex.Metrica easier to use while you“re on the move. Please send us your suggestions or features you‘d like to see added to the mobile app.