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English Editor
Yandex is looking for an English Editor to work on texts for a wide variety of apps and services, including interfaces, help pages, and marketing docs. Apply if you are a native English speaker with excellent Russian, are experienced using CAT tools, and have a strong attention to detail.
Site Reliability Engineer, Yandex.Cloud Managed Service for Kubernetes
Yandex.Cloud Managed Service for Kubernetes is looking for Site Reliability Engineers to research and fix problems with managed and own infrastructure, also helping with problem analysis and mitigation. Apply if you have software development experience, have operated mid-sized and large distributed systems, and have experience in Linux network and container technology.
Product Manager for Toloka App Services
Toloka is looking for a Product Manager to create and develop turnkey crowdsourcing solutions, perform market research, and coordinate projects. Apply if you have 2+ years of product manager experience, can make decisions based on data, and are capable of organizing workflows for you and your team.
Toloka Interface Designer
Toloka is looking for a mobile app Product Designer to work on their Android and iOS app, run A/B testing, conduct research, and coordinate with the web Product Designer and developers. Apply if you have experience working on mobile apps, research skills, and an attention to detail.
Senior Researcher
Toloka is looking for a Senior Researcher to develop new methods and technologies to advance our crowdsourcing theory and applications and to educate a wider audience about the field. Apply if you have a Ph.D. with a solid background in math/algorithms, are fluent in English, and know Python.
Community and Communication Manager
Toloka is looking for a Community and Communication manager to help communicate with the Toloker community by coordinating communication streams and identifying strategies for developing a global community. Apply if you have experience leading community projects, fluent English, and are organized.
Product manager enterprise Toloka
Toloka is looking for a Product Manager to shape strategies for the future and define our product vision and roadmap. Apply if you have experience launching SAAS products, working with different stakeholders (like developers, analysts, or designers) and have fluent English.
Crowd Solutions Architect
We're looking for a specialist to work on Toloka's global projects. You will build and automate a data production pipelines to deliver millions of high-quality labels daily. Our ideal candidate is fluent in English, has excellent organizational skills, and is technically savvy.
Tue Oct 05 2021 17:24:18 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)