5 vacancies
Site Reliability Engineer (Yandex Database)
Yandex.Cloud is looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to develop and automate the infrastructure needed to advance and scale Yandex Database. Apply if you have experience developing and implementing high-load distributed systems.
IAM Software Developer, Yandex.Cloud
Yandex.Cloud is looking for a Software Developer to handle algorithmic and optimization work, develop enterprise backends, and implement OAuth, OIDC, SCIM, and other standards. Apply if you know Java, have built/supported fault-tolerant systems, and worked with relational/non-relational storages.
Software Developer, Cryptography Services
Yandex.Cloud is looking for a Software Developer to develop backend security services, develop libraries and security utilities, and design new security plans. Apply if you know Java, have worked with high-load and fault-tolerant backend systems, and are familiar with modern data storage systems.
SRE for Yandex Private Cloud
Yandex Private Cloud is seeking an SRE to help deploy outside the Yandex private infrastructure to host our international products and solutions. Apply if you can handle scales of dozens of thousands of hosts and provide safe and reliable automation for critical and routine operations.
Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Developer
Yandex is looking for a Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Developer to orchestrate public clouds with and develop providers for AWS, Azure, and Yandex.Cloud. Apply if you have experience in Go, understand Kubernetes architecture, and are experienced with AWS, Azure, and Yandex.Cloud.
Tue Oct 05 2021 17:24:18 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)