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adidas Group
Using Direct:
since 2012

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adidas Group
Using Direct:
since 2012
The adidas Group is made up of four brands: adidas, Reebok, Rockport and TaylorMade. The head of its Internet Marketing Group Nikita Shashkevich explains why Yandex.Direct not only helps sell products, but also promotes a brand.
— The adidas Group includes two sporting goods manufacturers: adidas and Reebok. Is there a difference in promoting these two brands?
— Despite the fact that adidas and Reebok belong to one market segment, they are positioned differently. Adidas is focused not only on athletes, but also for those who prefer a sporty style in everyday life. Reebok is primarily a brand for professionals and fitness enthusiasts, and it produces a line of clothes for everyday wear.
— What advertising channels do you use and how did you choose them?

— Adidas recently opened its online store and we have been actively working on online advertising. Of course, we continue to use traditional channels such as placing ads on TV and in print to promote the brand, as well as holding and sponsoring sporting events.

When choosing tools to promote on the Internet, we focus on their effectiveness. Right now the most important channels for us are contextual advertising and retargeting. We also use mailing lists and social networks, but contextual advertising is unrivaled from an efficiency standpoint.

— How do you assess the effectiveness of advertising?
— It’s important for us to increase the number of orders from the online store, so we closely work with its main indicator – conversion. From this perspective, Yandex.Direct is more efficient than other contextual advertising systems, as it leads to new clients. With the help of Yandex.Direct, we not only promote our products, but also talk about the brand and the advantages of our technologies.
— How do you do it? Do you come up with some sort of special advertisements?
— We try to maximize targeted advertising. For example, we allocate a separate campaign for winter, summer, autumn and spring collections. In each of them we make unique ads for specific products while regularly adding new ones. That way it gradually increases the audience share and at the same time improves conversion.

We use an automatic strategy aimed at maximum conversion to advertise our products. However, we still do the process manually with campaigns according to brand needs, especially when it’s important to get premium placement. We also place an ad for certain information queries, like the match footballs for the 2014 World Cup that adidas traditionally produces for example.

Yandex.Direct is more efficient than other contextual advertising systems – it leads new clients
— Do you lead the ad campaigns in Yandex.Direct yourself, or do you use an agency?
— We work with an agency iProspect. Our specialists define the overall direction and share ideas, and the agency team realizes those tasks.
— What methods do you use to increase the effectiveness of advertising in Yandex.Direct?
— We’re experimenting with additional links in ads as they’re very effective. It’s important that the links are as relevant as possible to the query. The same rule applies to text, because if for instance a person is looking for red trainers, it’s important to show them an ad specifically about red trainers from adidas. We closely follow the relevance of our ads and regularly update the texts. You can’t use the same ad for three years running. It reduces the effectiveness.
— Who or what would you compare Yandex.Direct to?
— I’d compare it to an experienced salesperson that understands customers from the first word and immediately offers the buyer exactly what they’re looking for.
— What advice do you have for those who have just started working with Yandex.Direct?

— It’s important to decide straightway how you will advertise: by yourself or through an agency? Your future strategy development depends on that.

It’s also worthwhile clearly outlining the structure of your ad campaign. Usually we split the campaign into three parts: brand queries (e.g. “adidas”); product requests adjacent to those (e.g. “adidas football boots”); and non-brand queries (e.g. “buy shoes”). For each group of queries we choose a strategy. This allows you to more accurately track the performance of each ad and helps a lot when working on the quality of the text.

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